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Changing Mobilities

About the Series

This series explores the transformations of society, politics and everyday experiences wrought by changing mobilities, and the power of mobilities research to inform constructive responses to these transformations. As a new mobile century is taking shape, international scholars explore motivations, experiences, insecurities, implications and limitations of mobile living, and opportunities and challenges for design in the broadest sense, from policy to urban planning, new media and technology design. With world citizens expected to travel 105 billion kilometres per year in 2050, it is critical to make mobilities research and design inform each other.

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Mobility and Locative Media Mobile Communication in Hybrid Spaces

Mobility and Locative Media: Mobile Communication in Hybrid Spaces

1st Edition

Edited By Adriana de Souza e Silva, Mimi Sheller
July 21, 2014

Mobilities has become an important framework to understand and analyze contemporary social, spatial, economic and political practices. Especially as mobile media become seamlessly integrated into transportation networks, navigating urban spaces, and connecting with social networks while on the move...

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