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Changing Planet

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Changing Planet publishes books addressing some of the most critical and controversial issues of our time relating to the environment and sustainable living. Concisely written, the books are engaging and accessible, appealing to both specialist and non-specialist readers. Topics cover a broad spectrum, from climate change, conservation, and food, to waste, energy, and policy, speaking to the varied and pressing issues that both human and non-human animals face on our planet today.

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Why Biodiversity Matters

Why Biodiversity Matters

1st Edition

By Nigel Dudley
December 01, 2023

All life on Earth has the right to exist, but as we teeter on the verge of a sixth extinction this book discusses why biodiversity matters and why we should care if species go extinct. We are witnessing the largest and fastest rate of extinction in the history of the planet. While the concept of ...

The Avocado Debate

The Avocado Debate

1st Edition

By Honor May Eldridge
November 24, 2023

Whether smashed on toast or hailed as a superfood, the avocado has taken the world by storm, but what are the environmental and social impacts of this trendy fruit? This book does not seek to demonise the avocado and its many enthusiasts. Instead, it will illuminate consumers on the often unseen ...

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