1st Edition

Changing the Wor(l)d Discourse, Politics and the Feminist Movement

By Stacey Young Copyright 1997

    Changing the Wor(l)d draws on feminist publishing, postmodern theory and feminist autobiography to powerfully critique both liberal feminism and scholarship on the women's movement, arguing that both ignore feminism's unique contributions to social analysis and politics. These contributions recognize the power of discourse, the diversity of women's experiences, and the importance of changing the world through changing consciousness.

    Young critiques social movement theory and five key studies of the women's movement, arguing that gender oppression can be understood only in relation to race, sexuality, class and ethnicity; and that feminist activism has always gone beyond the realm of public policy to emphasize improving women's circumstances through transforming discourse and consciousness. Young examines feminist discursive politics, critiques social science methodology, and proposes an alternative approach to understanding the women's movement.

    CONTENTS 1. Introduction; 2. Feminist Publishing as Discursive Politics; 3. The Autotheoretical Texts; 4. Social Science Studies of the Women's Movement: Problems in Theory and Method; 5. Social Movement Theory; 6. Postmodern Critiques: Power and Subjectivity, Domination and Resistance; 7. Social Science Methodology; 8. LastWords/Words First


    Stacey Young received a Ph.D. in Government from Cornell University. She has taught government, women's studies and writing at Cornell University and at Skidmore College. She has also worked as a consultant on development and HIV/AIDS in Nairobi, Kenya, and as a journalist in Kampala, Uganda, where she currently lives. Her articles on sexuality and politics appear in several anthologies.

    "Young does an excellent job of intermeshing theory and experience within the broader context of social movement studies and changing the world." -- Rose Capdevila, Department of Psychology, University of Reading
    "Young makes an important contribution in inviting us to rethink just what 'politics' is. In challenging the narrow account offered by more conventional social scientists, she encourages us to look for politics in unusual places. The result is the discovery of a realm of feminist strength an dpower, a revelation which will surely inspire those involved in feminist struggles." -- Juliet A. Williams, Women & Politics