Character and Virtue Within the Professions

Series Editors:

The principal objective of the series is to highlight the interplay between practitioners’ personal character and their professional domain, as well as the association between this character and responses given to profession specific dilemma scenarios. More precisely, each book will explore practitioners’ individual character virtues as well their perceptions of their work environment. In a time when cultures of managerialism, auditing, performance metrics and commercial success are seemingly increasing, this series attempts to re-focus the professions towards the ethical and societal origins which each profession was intended to serve. Underpinned by perspectives of philosophy, psychology and sociology, each book will comprise of 8 chapters (depicted below) that offer practitioners fresh viewpoints into how their character and professional context can influence their professional practice. The structure of each book will begin with an outline of the respective chapters and research methodology, followed by an overview of the philosophical and empirical frameworks applied to a broad professional context. The subsequent chapters then move to outline the specific ethical considerations of each profession, and provide findings from questionnaire surveys combined with qualitative quotes from practitioners both training and working in the field. The penultimate chapter then presents a variety of profession specific dilemmas and offers readers the opportunity for independent thought in how they would respond, along with responses reported from previously sampled professionals. In its entirety, the series will be of primary interest to current practitioners across a multitude of professions, with each book serving as an informative resource for ethical practice. In addition, the books may be of interest to a general readership, as well as academics in different disciplines, regarding issues of virtue ethics, moral behaviour, civic benefit and professional practice at large.