1st Edition

Charged Particle and Photon Interactions with Matter
Chemical, Physicochemical, and Biological Consequences with Applications

ISBN 9780367394868
Published June 30, 2020 by CRC Press
860 Pages

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Book Description

Charged Particle and Photon Interactions with Matter offers in-depth perspectives on phenomena of ionization and excitation induced by charged particle and photon interactions with matter in vivo and in vitro. This reference probes concepts not only in radiation and photochemistry, but also in radiation physics, radiation biochemistry, and radiation biology as well as recent applications in medicine and material, environmental, space, and biological science and engineering. It studies reports on the interactions of high-energy photons, specifically in the vacuum ultraviolet-soft X-ray region to offer fundamental information on the primary processes of the interactions of charged particles with matter.

Table of Contents

Interaction of Fast Charged Particles with Matter, A. Mozumder Ionization and Secondary Electron Production by Fast Charged Particles, Modelling of Physicochemical and Chemical Processes in the Interactions of Fast Charged Particles with Matter, Interaction of Photons with Molecules - Photoabsorption, Photoionozation and Photodissociation Cross Sections, Reactions of Low Energy Electrons, Ions, Excited Atoms and Molecules and Free Radicals in the Gas Phase as Studied by Pulse Radiolysis Methods, Electron and Anion Solvation, Electrons in Nonpolar Liquids, Low-Energy Electron Interactions with Atomic and Molecular Solids, The Radiation Chemistry of Liquid Water, Radiation Chemistry of Liquid Alkanes, LET-Effects in Radiation Chemistry, Reactions Initiated by Ionizing Radiation in Biological Systems - The Critical Target is DNA, Photon Induced Biological Consquences, Track Structure - Studies of Biological Systems, Microdosimetry and Its Medical Applications, Charged Particle and Photon Interactions in Nanocolloids and Photographic Systems Studies, Applications of Radiation-Chemical Reactions to the Construction of Functional Organic Materials, Applications to Reaction Mechanism Studies of Organic Systems, Applications of Radiation Chemistry to Nuclear Technology, Electron-Beam Application to Flue Gas Treatment, Ion-Beam Therapy. Food Irradiation, New Applications of Ion Beams to Material, Space and Biological Science and Engineering

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A. Mozumder, Y. Hatano