Charnolophagy in Health and Disease : With Special Reference to Nanotheranostics book cover
1st Edition

Charnolophagy in Health and Disease
With Special Reference to Nanotheranostics

ISBN 9780367407902
Published September 3, 2021 by CRC Press
608 Pages 8 Color & 42 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This book introduces charnolophagy (CP) as energy-driven, lysosomal-dependent mitochondrial inclusion-specific pleomorphic Charnoly body (CB) autophagy (ATG) involving free radical-induced Ca2+ dyshomeostasis, ΔΨ collapse, and ATP depletion in congenital diseases, pressure ulcers, metabolic diseases, hepatic diseases, diabetes, obesity, inflammatory diseases, musculoskeletal diseases, sarcopenia, cachexia, respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, hyperlipidemia, skin and hair diseases, pulmonary diseases, cardiovascular diseases, renal diseases, sepsis-induced multi-organ failure, reproductive diseases, inflammatory diseases, ophthalmic diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, drug addiction, aging, microbial (including COVID-19) infections, and belligerent malignancies implicated in early morbidity and mortality and disease-specific spatiotemporal, targeted, safe, and effective evidence-based personalized theranostic charnolopharmacotherapeutics to cure them. Basic DRESS and GELS principles, nanoparticles to cure chronic multidrug-resistant (MDR) diseases, antioxidants as free radical scavengers, CB antagonists, CP regulators, and CS stabilizers to curb CB molecular pathogenesis (CBMP) are described for better quality of life and longevity. Specific guidelines for environmental protection and preservation of zoological and botanical species at the verge of extinction, Triple "I" Hypothesis for mitochondrial quality control, and transcriptional regulation of CSexR and CSendoR to cure chronic diseases are presented. Novel CP index is introduced to evaluate MDR malignancies and other chronic diseases. WHO, CDC, FDA, NIH, policy planners, cosmetologists, trichologists, players, athletes, dancers, wrestlers, equestrians, young women, aging population, toxicologists, environmental protectionists, pharmaceutical industry, biomedical scientists, researchers, medical students, physicians, nurses, paramedical professionals, and global audience will be interested in this interesting book to prevent pandemics and raise healthcare awareness.

Table of Contents

CHARNOLOPHAGY (GENERAL TOPICS). Charnolophagy as Immediate and Early Autophagy. Charnolophagy in Intramitochondrial and Intracellular Detoxification. Charnolophagy as a Biomarker of Novel Drug Discovery. Organ and Disease-specific Charnolophagy. Charnolophagy in Pressure Ulcers. Charnolophagy in Toxicology. CHARNOLOPHAGY IN METABOLIC DISORDERS. Charnolophagy in Congenital Diseases. Charnolophagy in Inborn Errors of Metabolism (Recent Update).Charnolophagy in Malnutrition. Charnolophagy in Diet Restriction. Charnolophagy in Gastrointestinal Disorders. Charnolophagy in Liver Diseases. Charnolophagy in Diabetes. Charnolophagy in Obesity. Charnolohagy in Hyperlipidemia. CHARNOLOPHAGY IN SYSTEMIC DISORDERS. Charnolophagy in Skin and Hair Diseases. Charnolophagy in Musculoskeletal Diseases. Charnolophagy in Pulmonary Diseases. Charnolophagy in Cardiovascular Diseases. Charnolophagy in Renal Diseases. Charnolophagy in Reproductive Diseases. Charnolophagy in Opthalamic Diseases. Charnolophagy in Neurodegenerative Diseases (A). Charnolophagy in Neurodegenerative Diseases (B). Charnolophagy in Parkinson’s Disease. Charnolophagy in Alzheimer Disease. Charnolophagy in Stroke. CHARNOLOPHAGY IN INFLAMMATION, CANCER, MICROBIAL INFECTIONS, AND AGING. Charnolophagy in Inflammatory Diseases. Charnolophagy in Cancer (A). Charnolophagy in Cancer (B). Charnolophagy in Microbial Infections. Charnolophagy in Aging. CHARNOLOPHAGY IN NANOMEDICINE. Charnolophagy in Nanotheranostics (A). Charnolophagy in Nanotheranostics (B).

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Sushil Sharma is Academic Dean, AISM, Georgetown, Guyana (Stone Mountain, Atlanta, USA). Prof. & Course Director, SJSM, Bonaire and St Vincent (2011-2017). Received Ph.D. (AIIMS, Delhi, India); Radiopharmaceutical Training (BARC, Bombay), GE, Siemens, Agilent Technologies, Cardinal Health (U.S. A), Royal Society Fellowship (U.K:1988-89); MHRC Post-Doctoral Fellowship (Canada: 1989-91), 5 Gold Medals. Research Officer (AIIMS:1979-88); Research Officer (University of Montreal:1993-94); Research Associate (McGill University:1994-95); Senior Scientific Officer (IRCM, Montreal:1995-97); Scientist-E (DRDO, Delhi:1997); Scientist (U of M, Winnipeg:1997-99); Assist. Prof.2000-04; Assoc. Prof. Director, UND School of Medicine, Grand Forks:2004-08); Assoc. Prof. Director (Methodist Hospital), Scientist (TMC, Houston: 2008-11), Conference Organizer, Discovered Charnoly Body.