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Chemical Engineering III

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Jiatao Zhang

ISBN 9781138001299
Published December 5, 2013 by CRC Press
276 Pages

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Book Description

Chemical Engineering III includes the proceedings of the 3rd SREE Conference on Chemical Engineering (CCE 2013, Hong Kong, 28-29 December 2013) and the 2nd SREE Workshop on Energy, Environment and Engineering (WEEE 2013, which was a part of CCE 2013). The contributions discuss current practical challenges and solutions in Chemical Engineering, and cover a wide range of topics:
- Chemical materials
- Chemical processes
- Chemical equipment
- Biochemical engineering
- Chemical engineering and environment
- Oil and gas engineering
- Energy engineering
- New energy
- Environmental engineering
Chemical Engineering III will be invaluable to engineers and academics involved or interested in these areas.

Table of Contents

The 3rd SREE Conference on Chemical Engineering

Impact assessment of tailing dumps of Kavalerovsky district on the hydrosphere using the physicochemical modeling method in a wide temperature range
V. Zvereva, A. Pyatakov & A. Kostina

The chromatographic elution process of spiral countercurrent extraction device
A.Wang, Y. Zhang & F. Chen

Theoretical study of surface oxygen mechanism for carbon dioxide reforming of methane
W.-Y. Xu, J. Tang, M. Li,W. Long, L. Hu & S.-G. Hong

Characteristic of turbulent flow in the jackets with triangular helical ducts
C.H.Wang, J.H.Wu, S.J. Liu & L.P. Kou

The experimental and numerical analysis of solid-liquid two-phase flow pattern in the particle impact drilling
Y. Xu, X. Xing & P. Li

Low surface tension foam fracturing fluid performance evaluation
H. Ding, C. Dai & J. Gao

Numerical simulation analysis of subsea gas-liquid hydrocyclone separator based on CFD software
D.Wang,W. Zheng, C.Wu, K. Ren & R. Xiao

Exploration and development of shale gas in China
D. Liu, S. Tang, H.Wang, Q. Zhao & R. Liu

Optimization to adjust the injection-production well pattern for thin and poor oil layers in SW-II area
S. Tong, J. Yu, J.Wei & J. Zhang

Optimization of the fermentative condition by response surface method for endoinulinase production from soil microorganism strain G-60
Y.F. Gou, J.H. Li, D.Wang & J.F. Gao

Isolation and identification of the water-soluble components of Pogostemon cablin
Y.Wu, X. Li, D. Yang, X. Hu & J. Zhang

The Xinjiang desert micro-algae’s total lipid content and fatty acid composition analysis
D.Wang, J.H. Li, Y.F. Gou & J.F. Gao

Measurement and relevance of VLE date between hydrogenated C9 arenes and solvents
H. Sun & Z.G. Gu

Preparation of Dispersed Particle Gel (DPG) through a polymer gel at low temperature
G. Zhao, C. Dai, A. Chen, Q. You, M. Zhao & Y. Li

The application of carbon fiber in oil & gas fields
Q. You, C. Dai & F. Zhao

Calculation of natural vibration period of tray column under working state
P. Zhang, G.J. Sun & J.H.Wu

Study on extraction techniques of dietary fiber from Sargassum fusiforme by orthogonal test
J. Sun, S. Xia, Q. Chen, D. Yang, M. Liu & H. Hu

Study on pore structure characteristics of glutenite reservoir
Z. Liao, Z. Yang & X. Liu

Research on risk assessment model of formaldehyde in textiles
G.Z. Huang, D. Jiang, J.L. Zhou & Y. Zhou

Study on antimony adsorption by modified activated carbon of mine water
L. Bao, G. Huang &Y. Chen

Assessing the value of ex vivo high-resolution magic angle spinning 1H magnetic resonance spectroscopy (HRMAS 1H-MRS) in pathological grading of gliomas
H.P. Zhang

Study on the influence of microbial action on the properties of porous rock and formation fluid
M. Cheng, G. Lei & J. Gao

The 2nd SREEWorkshop on Energy, Environment and Engineering

Geochemical characteristics of PM2.5 in a metropolis in Central China
W. Lv, Y.Wang & X. Querol

Electro-oxidation treatment of ammonia nitrogen in wastewater
M.M. Zhou, B.J. Shao, T.T. Li & J.D.Wang

Experimental study of horizontal flame spread of two insulation foams under external radiation on a plateau
Y. Zhou, H.H. Xiao, X.N. Zhang, J.H. Sun,W.G. Yan,W.G. An & L.J. Gao

The mechanism of spring sea fog overYellow Sea in May, 2012
Z. Cheng, Yue Liu, S. Zhang, Y. Chen, Yongzheng Liu &Y. Ou

Pilot-scale study on treatment of spent filter backwash water by ultrafiltration
Y.Q. Chen, J. Yin, H.Q. Ying, L. Kuang & S.L. Tong

Correlation analysis between the enterprise age of ecological industrial park and COD emission – A case analysis of Xishan Ecological Industrial Park inWuxi
L. Zhu, Q. Zhu, Y. Xu & Q. Sun

Modelling soil hydraulic properties and water dynamics of sandy soils using pedotransfer functions in Northeastern China
Y.L. Zhang, G.G.Wang & N. Yu

Numerical simulation on optimization of double-layers diffluent combustion system
K.P. Qi &W.Q. Long

The research of law of water cut increasing of water flooding field
Z. Zhou, S. Zhang & Z. Liu

Post-treatment of printing wipe wastewater using coagulation/flocculation
A.F. Li, J.H. Bu, H. Guo, J.P. Luo & T. Pan

Analysis on co-authorship network: Applied to dye-sensitized solar cells
X. Heng, R. Li, X.Wang & Q. Zhang

Visualizing patent data using hyperbolic tree
Y.Wang, Yuqin Liu, X.Wang & B. Li

Study of the lightning protection technology for PV power stations
X. Hu & G. Feng

The lightning protection design of pedestrian suspension bridge of Mountain Tianmeng
W. Zhang, Z. Sun & X. Hu

GIS based risk zoning of lightning disaster in Shandong
Q.Tang, J. Sun & G. Feng

Application of numerical modeling in pollutant predicting in Luan River region 241
Y. Chen &Y. Huang

Application of biological contact oxidation process to the treatment of oily waste water produced from heavy oil thermal recovery
H.Wang, J. Zhang & H. Ding

Study on water flooding of fractured reservoirs with complex structure well pattern
J. Liu, Y.T. Liu, Z.L. Guo, E.P. Li & Z.B. Zheng

Ecological problems of development of mineral raw materials in Komsomolsk tin-ore district
V. Zvereva & L. Krupskaya

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