1st Edition

Chemical Methods for Processing Nanomaterials

Edited By Vidya Nand Singh Copyright 2021
    262 Pages 14 Color & 106 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    262 Pages 14 Color & 106 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    262 Pages 14 Color & 106 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book discusses the latest advancements in the processing of various types of nanomaterials. The main objective of the book is to provide the reader with a comprehensive review of the latest advances in synthesis as well as processing of almost all kinds of nanomaterials using various physical and chemical methods. The book includes chapters on Chemical Methods such as microemulsions, colloidal route, wet chemical method, chemical vapor deposition technique, sol-gel method, electrodeposition for growing different kinds of nanomaterials including Chalcogenides, Metal Oxide nanostructures, perovskite nanocrystals, nano structures on patterned electrode, Low Dimensional Carbon Nanomaterials and applications at Nanoscale.

    Chemical Methods for Processing Carbon Nanomaterials

    Sehmus Ozden

    Synthesis of Nanomaterials and Nanostructures

    Preeti Kaushik, Amrita Basu and Meena Dhankhar

    Wet Chemical Methods for Nanoparticle Synthesis

    Abhijit Jadhav

    Electrodeposition-A Versatile and Robust Technique for Synthesizing Nanostructured Materials

    Pravin S. Shinde and Shanlin Pan

    Nanostrucured Materials using Microemulsions

    Sonalika Vaidya

    Methods of Manufacturing Composite Materials

    Anton Yegorov, Marina Bogdanovskaya, Olga Zhdanovich, Vitaly Ivanov and Daria Gudeeva

    Quantum Dots and Their Synthesis Processes

    Prashant Ambekar and Jasmirkaur Randhawa

    Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Technique for Nano-Materials Deposition

    Abhishek K. Arya, Rahul Parmar, K.S. Gour, Decio B.de F.N., R. Gunnella, J.M. Rosolen and V.N. Singh

    CVD Growth of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides MX2 (M: Mo, W, X: Se, S)

    Alejandro Fajardo Peralta, Jose Valenzuela-Benavides, Nestor Perea-Lopez and Mauricio Terrones

    Metal Oxide/CNT/Graphene Nanostructures for Chemiresistive Gas Sensors

    Sanju Rani, Manoj Kumar, Yogesh Kumar, Rahul Kumar and V.N. Singh

    Chemical Route Synthesis and Properties of CZTS Nanocrystals for Sustainable Photovoltaics

    Shefali Jain, Pooja Semalti, V.N. Singh and S.N. Sharma

    Surface Modification of Glass Nanofillers and Their Reinforcing Effect in Epoxy Based Nanocomposites

    Lifeng Zhang and Demei Yu

    Gas Sensor Application of Zinc Oxide

    Bharat R. Pant and Ahalapitiya H. Jayatissa

    Titanium Dioxide as a Photo Catalyst Material: A Review

    Yogesh Singh, Sanju Rani, Manoj Kumar, Rahul Kumar and V.N. Singh


    Vidya Nand Singh obtained his MSc from Banaras Hindu University with specialization in Solid State Physics, M. Tech in Solid State Materials from IIT Delhi. He obtained his PhD from IIT Delhi in the area of nanocomposite based gas sensors. He is working as a scientist at National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi. His research interest includes gas sensors, solar cells, nanomaterials, reference materials and HRTEM. He has written four book chapters. He has published nearly 160 papers in Journals of international repute. He is in the editorial board of Journal "Advanced Science, Engineering and Medicines" published by American Scientific Publishers. He is member of various international Societies. He is reviewer of several journals. He has guided students for PhD as well as masters project.