1st Edition

Chemical Oxidation Technology for the Nineties, Volume I

By John A. Roth Copyright 1995

    This book focuses on present state of the art chemical oxidation technologies with regard to various wastewater applications. It is a valuable aid to engineers and scientists engaged in developing cost-effective solutions to complex water quality problems in today's regulatory environment.

    1. The Role of Chemical Oxidation in Wastewater Treatment Processes 2. Chemical Oxidation of Aromatic Compounds: Comparison of H2O2, KMnO4 and O3 for Toxicity Reduction and Improvements in Biodegradability 3. Hydrogen Peroxide in Advanced Oxidation Processes for Treatment of Industrial Process and Contaminated Groundwater 4. Treatment of Contaminated Soils Using Catalyzed Hydrogen Peroxide 5. Hydrogen Peroxide and Environmental Immediate Response 6. Practical Applications of Hydrogen Peroxide for Wastewater Treatment 7. NOx Removal in the Stainless Steel Pickling Industry with Hydrogen Peroxide 8. Hydrogen Peroxide Pretreatment of Inhibitory Wastestream — Bench-Scale Treatability Testing to Full-Scale Implementation: A Case History 9. Cyanide Detoxification with Peroxygens 10. Advanced Chemical Oxidation of Contaminated Water Using the perox-pureTM Oxidation System 11. Design of Completely Mixed Ozonation Reactors 12. Ozonation of Volatile and Semi-Volatile Compounds for Groundwater Remediation 13. Effects of Chemical Oxidation on Anaerobic Treatment of Phenols 14. Redox Reactions and the Analytical Chemistry of Chlorine Dioxide and Ozone 15. Chlorine Dioxide 16. The Interactive Effect of Chlorite, Copper and Nitrite on Methemoglobin Formation in Red Blood Cells of Dorset Sheep 17. The Chemistry of Permanganate in Degradative Oxidations 18. Uses of KMnO4, H2O2 and ClO2 in Wastewater Applications 19. Electrochemical Oxidation of Phenolic Compounds from Dilute Aqueous Solutions 20. Water Treatment by Heterogeneous Photocatalysis 21. Photocatalytic Oxidation Process for the Treatment of Organic Wastes 22. Supercritical Water Oxidation 23. Reactions of Organic Compounds with Supercritical Water Involving Chemical Oxidation 24. The Application of Wet Air Oxidation to the Treatment of Spent Caustic Liquor


    John A. Roth (Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, University College London, UK) (Author)