1st Edition

Chemical Oxidation Technology for the Nineties, Volume IV

By John A. Roth Copyright 1996
    262 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This book contains technical papers, presented at the Fourth International Symposium on Chemical Oxidation: Technology for the Nineties held in Tennessee in 1984, on theory, design, and practices of chemical oxidation processes applied to environmental problems.

    1. Influence of Chlorine-Free Pulp Bleaching on Wastewater Treatment Processes 2. Process Integration Development: Reactor Kinetic Models for Sequential Chemical and Biological Oxidation for Water Treatment 3. Safety in the Workplace: Ambient Chlorine Dioxide Measurements in the Presence of Chlorine 4. Hydrogen Peroxide and Card's Acid—Powerful Oxidants for Cyanide Detoxification: A Review and Case Study 5. Practical Application of Peroxygen Compounds for the Treatment of Cyanide Laden Wastewater in the Presence of Sulfur Containing Species 6. Continuous Color Removal from Concentrated Dye Waste Discharges Using Reducing and Oxidizing Chemicals—A Pilot Plant Study 7. Nitric Oxide Removal with Ozone in a Bubbling Reactor 8. Advanced Oxidation Technologies for the Photodegradation of Organic Pollutants in Water 9. Treatment of Groundwater Contaminated with Chlorinated Hydrocarbons 10. Testing of Peroxidation Systems, Inc. perox-pure SSB-30 11. Photochemical Oxidation the Remediation of Ordnance Contaminated Groundwater 12. Photocatalytic Transformations of TNT in Titania Slurries: An Analysis of the Role of Interfacial Nitrogen Reduction Utilizing 7-Radiolysis 13. Field Experience and System Enhancements of Ti02 Photocatalytic Remediation Systems 14. Photocatalytic Oxidation of 4-Chlrophenol on Titanium Dioxide: A Comparison with 7-Radiolysis 15. Degradation of Chlorinated Dioxins on Soil Using 6 0Co Gamma Radiation: Considerations and Optimization 16. Pilot-Plant Validation of Kinetic Models for Supercritical Water Oxidation 17. Thermodynamic Analysis of Wet Oxidation 18. The Development and Operation of Full Scale Wet Air Oxidation Units for the Treatment of Industrial Wastewaters


    John A. Roth