1st Edition

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
New Materials and Developed Components

ISBN 9781774633465
Published March 31, 2021 by Apple Academic Press
302 Pages 86 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This book facilitates the study of problematic chemicals in such applications as chemical fate modeling, chemical process design, and experimental design. This volume provides comprehensive coverage of modern biochemical engineering, detailing the basic concepts underlying the behavior of bioprocesses as well as advances in bioprocess and biochemical engineering science. It combines contemporary engineering science with relevant biological concepts in a comprehensive introduction to biochemical engineering.

This book provides both a rigorous view and a more practical, understandable view of chemical compounds and biochemical engineering and their applications. Every section of the book has been expanded where relevant to take account of significant new discoveries and realizations of the importance of key concepts. Furthermore, emphases are placed on the underlying fundamentals and on acquisition of a broad and comprehensive grasp of the field as a whole.


Table of Contents


Investigation of Properties of Fito-Stimulate Cyano-Bacterial Communities Obtained from Lower Volga Ecosystems; Bataeva Yulia

Synthesis of Polymer-Coated Zinc Phosphate Nanoparticles; Liliya Bazylyak, Andriy Kytsya, Ol'ha Khlopyk, and Gennady Zaikov

Simulation in the Laboratory Conditions of Aerobic-Anaerobic Bioremediation of Oil-Polluted Peat from Raised Bogs (Russia); Sergey Gaydamaka and Valentina Murygina

A Research Note on Immunological Databases and Its Role in Immunological Research; Anamika Singh and Rajeev Singh

Thiazole: A Simple Scaffold with Tremendous Therapeutic Potential; Sanjay Kumar Bharti, Debarshi Kar Mahapatra, and Sushil Kumar Singh

A Note on New Biologically Active Composite Materials on the Basis of Dialdehyde Cellulose; Azamat A. Khashirov, Azamat A. Zhansitov, Gennady E. Zaikov, and Svetlana Yu. Khashirova

A Technical Note on New Nanocomposites Based on Layered Aluminosilicate and Guanidine Containing Polyelectrolytes; Azamat A. Khashirov, Azamat A. Zhansitov, Gennady E. Zaikov, and Svetlana Yu. Khashirova

Tissue Differentiation and Peculiarities of Sugar Beet (Beta Vulgaris L.) Plants Plastic Metabolism in the Process of Indirect Morphogenesis in vitro Culture; O. L. Klyachenko, A. F. Likhanov, and S. A. Krylovska

Transport of Medicinal Substances by Chitosan Films; A. S. Shurshina, E. I. Kulish, V. V. Chernova, and V. P. Zaharov

Microheterogeneous Nd-Based Ziegler-Natta Catalyst: New Way of Increase Activity; Vadim Z. Mingaleev, Elena M. Zakharova, and Vadim P. Zakharov

Research Notes on Quantum Chemical Calculation; V. A. Babkin, A. A. Denisov, I. I. Baholdin, and G. E. Zaikov

Technology of Manufacturing and Application of a New Probiotic Preparation for Forage Production; N. V. Sverchkova, N. S. Zaslavskaya, T. V. Romanovskaya, E. I. Kolomiets, A. N. Michaluk, and M. A. Kavrus

Microheterogeneous Titanium Ziegler-Natta Catalysts: 1,3-Diene Polymerization under Ultrasound Irradiations; Vadim P. Zakharov, Vadim Z. Mingaleev, Iriva D. Zakirova, and Elena M. Zakharova

Microheterogeneous Titanium Ziegler-Natta Catalysts: the Influence of Particle Size on the Isoprene Polymerization; Elena M. Zakharova, Vadim Z. Mingaleev, and Vadim P. Zakharov

Modification of Receptor Status in Groups of Proliferative Activity of Breast Carcinomas; A. A. Brilliant, S. V. Sazonov, and Y. M. Zasadkevich

Sorbtion Properties of Biodegradable Polymer Materials Based on Low-Density Polyethylene, Modified Chitosans; Marina Bazunova, Ivan Krupenya, Elena Kulish, and Gennady Zaikov

Quantitative Assessment of Fungicidal and Bactericidal Activity of Nanostructural Silver; I. G. Kalinina, K. Z. Gumargalieva, V. P. Gerasimenya, S. V. Zakharov, M. A. Klyikov, and S. A. Semenov

Trends in Carbon Nanotube/Polymer Composites; A. K. Haghi and G. E. Zaikov


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Ali Pourhashemi, PhD, is currently a professor of chemical and biochemical engineering at Christian Brothers University (CBU) in Memphis, Tennessee. He was formerly the department chair at CBU and also taught at Howard University in Washington, DC. He taught various courses in chemical engineering, and his main area has been teaching the capstone process design as well as supervising industrial internship projects. He is a member of several professional organizations, including the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. He is on the international editorial review board of the International Journal of Chemoinformatics and Chemical Engineering and is an editorial member of the International of Journal of Advanced Packaging Technology. He has published many articles and presented at many professional conferences.

Gennady E. Zaikov, DSc, is head of the Polymer Division at the N. M. Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia, and professor at Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology, Russia, as well as professor at Kazan National Research Technological University, Kazan, Russia. He is also a prolific author, researcher, and lecturer. He has received several awards for his work, including the Russian Federation Scholarship for Outstanding Scientists. He has been a member of many professional organizations and on the editorial boards of many international science journals.

A. K. Haghi, PhD, holds a BSc in urban and environmental engineering from University of North Carolina (USA); a MSc in mechanical engineering from North Carolina A&T State University (USA); a DEA in applied mechanics, acoustics, and materials from Université de Technologie de Compiègne (France); and a PhD in engineering sciences from Université de Franche-Comté (France). He is the author and editor of 65 books as well as 1000 published papers in various journals and conference proceedings. Dr. Haghi has received several grants, consulted for a number of major corporations, and is a frequent speaker to national and international audiences. Since 1983, he served as a professor at several universities. He is currently editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Chemoinformatics and Chemical Engineering and Polymers Research Journal and on the editorial boards of many international journals. He is a member of the Canadian Research and Development Center of Sciences and Cultures (CRDCSC), Montreal, Quebec, Canada.