Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering : Trends and Developments book cover
1st Edition

Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering
Trends and Developments

ISBN 9781774632086
Published March 31, 2021 by Apple Academic Press
452 Pages 120 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Examining energy, environment, and sustainability from the chemical engineering point of view, this book highlights critical issues faced by chemical engineers and biochemical engineers worldwide. The book covers recent trends in chemical engineering and bioprocess engineering, such as CFD simulation, statistical optimization, process control, waste water treatment, micro reactors, fluid bed drying, hydrodynamic studies of gas liquid mixture in pipe, and more. Other chapters cover important ultrasound-assisted extraction, process intensification, polymers and coatings, as well as modelling of bioreactor and enzyme systems and biological nitrification.

Table of Contents


Part One: Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering

Statistical Optimization of Culture Media Components for Enhanced Production of Sophorolipids from Starmerella Bombicola MTCC 1910 Using Waste Frying Sun Flower Oil; Vedaraman Nagarajan, Srinivasa Kannan, and Venkatesh Narayana Murthy

Optimization of Ethanol Production from Mixed Feedstock of Cassava Peel and Cassava Waste by Coculture of Saccharomycopsis Fibuligera NCIM 3161 and Zymomonas mobilis MTCC 92; Selvaraju Sivamani, Shanmugam Anugraka, and Rajoo Baskar

Purification and Concentration of Anthocyanins from Jamun: An Integrated Process; J. Chandrasekhar and K. S. M. S. Raghavarao

Effect of Pressure Drop and Tangential Velocity on Vane Angle in Uniflow Cyclone; Vighneswara Rao K., Bala Narsaiah T., and Pitchumani B.

Multivariate Statistical Monitoring of Biological Batch Processes Using Corresponding Analysis; Sumana Chenna, Ankit Mishra, and Abhimanyu Gupta

Extended Kalman Filter Based Composition Estimation Using Simple Hybrid Model Approximation for a Reactive Batch Distillation Process; P. Swapna Reddy and K. Yamuna Rani

Estimation of Solubility in Dilute Binary Solutions Using Molar Refraction, Dipole Moment and Charge Transfer Functions; N. V. K. Dutt, K. Hemalatha, K. Sivaji, and K. Yamuna Rani

Kinetic Study of Bechamp Process for Nitrobenzene Reduction to Aniline; Umesh Singh, Ameer Patan, and Nitin Padhiyar

Flow Behavior of Microbubble-Liquid Mixture in Pipe; Rajeev Parmar and Subrata Kumar Majumder

Methane Production by Butanol Decomposition: Thermodynamic Analysis; Brajesh Kumar, Shashi Kumar, and Surendra Kumar

Novel Method for Increasing the Cleavage Efficiency of Recombinant Bovine Enterokinase Enzyme; A. Raju, K. Nagaiah, and S. S. Laxman Rao

Application of the Thomas Model for Cesium Ion Exchange on AMP-PAN; Ch. Mahendra, P. M. Satya Sai, C. Anand Babu, K. Revathy, and K. K. Rajan

Minimizing Post-Harvest Damage in Citrus; Harbant Singh, Ghassan Al-Samarrai, Muhammad Syarhabil, Sue Yin-Chu, and Boon Beng-Lee

Development of Process Using Ionic Liquid-Based Ultrasound Assisted Extraction of Ursolic Acid from Leaves of Vitex Negundo Linn; Anuja Chavhan, Merlin Mathew, Tapasvi Kuchekar, and Suyogkumar Taralkar

Extraction of Chitin and Chitosan from Fishery Scales by Chemical Method; S. Kumari and P. Rath

Study of Mixing in Shear Thinning Fluid Using CFD Simulation; Akhilesh Khapre and Basudeb Munshi

Natural Convection Heat Transfer Enhancement in Shell and Coil Heat Exchanger Using CuO/Water Nanofluid; T. Srinivas and A. Venu Vinod

Homology Modeling of L-Asparaginase Enzyme from Enterobactor Aerogenes KCTC 2190; Satish Babu Rajulapati and Rajeswara Reddy Erva

Mixing of Binary Mixture in a Spout-Fluid Bed; B. Sujan Kumar and A. Venu Vinod

Effect of Various Parameters on Continuous Fluidized Bed Drying of Solids; G. Srinivas and Y. Pydi Setty

Study of Flow Behavior in Micro Channels; S. Ilaiah, Usha Virendra , N. Anitha, C. E. Alemayehu, and T. Sankarshana

Solid Dissolution of Cinnamic and Benzoic Acids in Agitated Vessel with and without Chemical Reaction; B. Sarath Babu and P. Sreedhar

Part Two: Environmental Engineering, Nanotechnology and Materials Engineering

Energy Audit, Designing and Management of Walking Beam Reheating Furnace in Steel Industry; Shabana Shaik, K. Sudhakar, and Deepa Meghavatu

Synthesis and Characterization of PVdF/PAN Hollow Fiber Blend Membrane for Surface Water Treatment; K. Praneeth, James Tardio, Suresh. K. Bhargava, and S. Sridhar

Development of Epoxide Material from Vegetable Oil; Srikanta Dinda, Nihit Bandaru, and Radhev Paleti

Biosorption of Copper from Aqueous Solution Using Oscillatoria.splendida; G. Baburao, P. Satyasagar, and M. Krishna Prasad

Fermentation of Starch and Starch Based Packing Peanuts for ABE Production: Kinetic Study; Ayushi Verma, Shashi Kumar, and Surendra Kumar

Production of Holocellulolytic Enzymes by Cladosporium cladosporioides Under Submerged and Solid State Conditions Using Vegetable Waste as Carbon Source; Chiranjeevi Thulluri, Uma Addepally, and Baby Rani Goluguri

Removal of Ammonia from Wastewater Using Biological Nitrification; P. B. N. Lakshmi Devi and Y. Pydisetty

Removal of Chromium from Aqueous Solution Using a Low Cost Adsorbents; P. Akkila Swathanthra and V. V. Basava Rao

Preparation of PANI/Calcium Zinc Phosphate Nanocomposite Using Ultrasound Assisted In Situ Emulsion Polymerization and Its Application in Anticorrosion Coatings; B. A. Bhanvase, S. H. Sonawane, and M. P. Deosarkar

Synthesis of 2K Polyurethane Coating Containing Combination of Nano Bentonite Clay, Nano CaCO3 and Polyester Polyol and Its Performance Evaluation on ABS Substrate; S. A. Kapolea, B. A. Bhanvasea, R. D. Kulkarnib, and S. H. Sonawane

Size Controlled Biosynthesis of Ag Metal Nanoparticles Using Carrot Extract; Shrikaant Kulkarni

A Combined Effect of Ultrasound Cavitation on Adsorption Kinetics in Removal of 4-[(4-Dimethyl Amino Phenyl) Phenyl-Methyl]-N,N-Dimethyl Aniline Along With Bio-Adsorbent; G. H. Sonawane, B. S. Bhadane, A D. Mudawadkar, and A. M. Patil

Formation of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles in Continuous Flow Micro-Reactor System; Mahendra L. Bari, Shirish Sonawane, and S. Mishra

Comparative Study of Production of Stable Colloidal Copper Nanoparticles Using Micro-Reactor and Advanced-Flow Reactor; M. Suresh Kumar, S. Niraj, Anshul Jain, Sonal Gupta, Vikash Ranjan, Makarand Pimplapure, and Shirish Sonawane


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