The volume is devoted to the problem of chemical kinetics on modern level. The book includes information on chemical physics of nanocomposites, degradation, stabilization and flammability of polymeric materials as well as free radical mechanism of oxidation of organic compounds, thermostability, mechanism of action of catalytical systems and inhibitors in free radical reactions in liquid and solid phase, pure and applied chemistry of antioxidants (synthesis and application), ionic reactions, effect of chemoluminescence in the processes of oxidation, biodegradation and application of polymers in medicine, problems of adhesion of microorganisms on the surface of materials, thermo-, photo- and hydrolitic reactions, creation of new ecologically friendly flame retaradnts for polymers, polymer composites and polymer blends as well as filled polymers.


    Elena Burlakova, Alexander Evgen'evich Shilov, Sergey Dmitrievich Varfolomeev, Gennady Zaikov