Chemicals from Microalgae  book cover
1st Edition

Chemicals from Microalgae

ISBN 9780367399719
Published October 29, 2019 by CRC Press
419 Pages

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Book Description

The production of chemicals from microalgae is becoming a significant area of biological research. Chemicals from Microalgae seeks to cover the various aspects that relate to the use of microalgae as a source of chemicals. The chapters discuss the occurrence and physiological role of these chemicals and concentrates on the methods aimed at enhancing their content, as well as large-scale algal biomass production and down-stream processing. This work, written by one of the true pioneers in the field describes the major algal chemicals of interest, namely pigments and lipids.

Table of Contents

1. Porphyridium Cruentum Zvi Cohen 2. Monodus Subterraneus Zvi Cohen 3. Production of Eicosapentaenoic Acid by the Marine Eustigmatophyte Nannochloropsis A. Sukenik 4. Production of EPA from Phaeodactylum Tricornumtum E. Molina Grima, F. Garcia Camacho and F. Acien Fernandez 5. Genetic Improvement of the EPA Content in Microalgae Diego Lopez Alonso and Clara I. Segura Del Castillo 6. Recovery of Algal PUFAs E. Molina Grima, A. Robles Medina and Gimenez Gimenez 7. Microalgal Carotenoids Synnove Liaaen-Jensen and Einar Skarstad Egeland 8. Production of Astaxanthin by Haematococcus Yuan-Kun Lee and Dao-Hai Zhang 9. Production of ß-carotene from Dunaliella Ami Ben-Amotz 10. Chemicals of Botryococcus Braunii P. Metzger and C. Largeau 11. Phycobiliproteins Alexander N. Glazer 12. Polysacharides of Red Microalgae Shoshana (Malis) Arad 13. Polyhydroxyalkanoates Massimo Vincenzini and Roberto de Philippis 14. Pharmaceutical and agrochemical from microalgae Michael A. Borowitzka 15. Physiological Principles and Modes of Cultivation in mass Production of Photoautotrophic Microalgae Amos Richmond 16. Economic Evaluation of Microalgal Processes and Products Michael A. Borowitzka Shoshana Arad, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, Ami Ben-Amotz, The National Institute for Oceanography, Israel, Michael Borowitzka, Murdoch University, Australia, Garcia Camacho, Univesidad de Almeria, Spain, Clara Segura del Castillo, Univesidad de Almeria, Spain, Zvi Cohen, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, Einer Skarstad Egeland, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, F. Acien Fernandez, Univesidad de Almeria, Spain, A. Giminez Giminez, Univesidad de Almeria, Spain, Alexander N. Glazer, University of California, USA, Emilio Molina Grima, Univesidad de Almeria, Spain, Claude Largeau, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, France, Yuan-Kun Lee, National University of Singapore, Synnove Liaaen-Jensen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, A. Robles Medina, Univesidad de

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Cohen, Zvi