1st Edition

Chemistry and Physics of Complex Materials
Concepts and Applications

ISBN 9781774632895
Published March 31, 2021 by Apple Academic Press
514 Pages 250 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This book offers a comprehensive presentation of the concepts, properties, and applications of complex materials. Authors of each chapter use a fundamental approach to define the structure and properties of a wide range of solids on the basis of the local chemical bonding and atomic order present in the material. Emphasizing the physical and chemical origins of different material properties, this important volume focuses on the most technologically important materials being utilized and developed by scientists and engineers.

Table of Contents

Active Packaging Based on the Release of Carvacrol and Thymol for Fresh Food
Marina Ramos, Ana Beltrán, Arancha Valdés, Mercedes A. Peltzer, Alfonso Jiménez, and María C. Garrigós

Vegetable Oils as Platform Chemicals for Synthesis of Thermoplastic Bio-Based Polyurethanes
C. Bueno-Ferrer, N. Burgos, and A. Jiménez

New Concept of Using Genetically Engineered Microbial Biosensors
Anamika Singh and Rajeev Singh

Degradation and Stabilization of Fur and Leather
Elena Pekhtasheva and Gennady Zaikov

Research Notes and Developments in Materials Chemistry and Physics
A. K. Haghi and G. E. Zaikov

Quantum-Chemical Calculation in Chemical Reaction
V. A. Babkin, A. K. Haghi, and G. E. Zaikov

Energy of a Homolytic Cleavage of Communication OH in 4-Replaced 2,6-di-tert.Butylphenols
A. A. Volodkin, G. E. Zaikov, N. M. Evteeva, and S. M. Lomakin

Reaction of Ozone with Some Oxygen Containing Organic Compounds
S. Rakovsky, M. Anachkov, and G. E. Zaikov

The Kinetics and Mechanism of the Selective Ethylbenzene Oxidation
L. I. Matienko, V. I. Binyukov, L. A. Mosolova, and G. E. Zaikov

Composite Materials on the Basis of Epoxy Containing Organosilicon Compounds
E. Markarashvili, T. Tatrishvili, and N. Koiava, A. Berlin, G. Zaikov, J. Aneli, and O. Mukbaniani

The Reactivity of Terpenephenols and Their Phenoxyl Radicals in Reactions of Oxidation
L I. Mazaletskaya, N. I. Sheludchenko, L. B. Dudnik, and L. N. Shishkina

Reactions of Ozone With Hydrocarbons. Kinetics and Mechanizm
S. Rakovsky, M. Anachkov, V. Georgiev, M. Belitski, and G. Zaikov

Adaptogens Decrease the Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species by Mitochondria
V. Zhigacheva and E. B. Burlakova

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Professor Maria Rajkiewicz is Head of the Division of the Institute for Engineering of Polymer Materials and Dyes, in Warsaw, Poland. She is well-known specialist in the field of synthesis, investigation of properties and applications of low molecular compounds, oligomers, polymers, composites, and nanocomposites. She is a contributor or co-contributor to several monographs and the author of about 100 original papers.

WiktorTyszkiewicz, PhD is Professor at the Military Institute of Chemistry and Radiometry in Warsaw, Poland. He has a long and varied career, including being a member of the Polish Delegation to ICCS in Vietnam; he has participated in many NATO workshops on environmental problems emanating from military installations and activities; he has headed the Biological Laboratory at the Military Institute of Chemistry and Radiometry, among many other roles.

Zbigniew Tyskiewicz, PhD is Professor, Military Institute of Chemistry and Radiometry in Warsaw, Poland. He has worked as a researcher and was also Research and Development Deputy Director and Director of the Institute. He has serviced as the Head of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons Expert Team as well as a NATO Long-Term Scientific Study national representative.