1st Edition

Chemistry and Physics of Modern Materials
Processing, Production and Applications

ISBN 9781774632765
Published March 31, 2021 by Apple Academic Press
664 Pages 214 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

With contributions from top nanoscientists, this book offers a global perspective on the latest developments in nanotechnology. It covers the major themes of nanoscience and nanotechnology, addressing many of the major issues, from concept to technology to implementation. It is an important reference publication that provides new research and updates on a variety of nanoscience uses through case studies and supporting technologies, and it also explains the conceptual thinking behind current uses and potential uses not yet implemented. International experts with countless years of experience lend this volume credibility.

Table of Contents

Practical and Theoretical Hints on Production and Application of Nanofibers, Nanotubes, Nanofillers and Nanocomposites
A. K. Haghi

On the Drying of Nanostructured Fabrics
A. K. Haghi

Content of Unsaturated Fatty Acids Containing 18 and 20 Carbon Atoms in the Total Lipid Moiety of Mitochondrial Membranes Determines the Activity Complex I of Respiratory Chain
I. V. Zhigacheva, T. B. Durlakova, T. A. Misharina, M. B. Terenina, N. I. Krikunova, I. P. Generozova, A. P. Shugaev, and S. G. Fattakhov

Updates on the Influence of Melafen-Plant Growth Regulator
O. M. Alekseeva

On Physico-Chemical Properties of Ascorbic Acid and Paracetamol High-Diluted Solutions
F. F. Niyazy, N. V. Kuvardin, E. A. Fatianova, and S. Kubica

Practical Hints on Testing Various Hexahydropyridoindoles to Act as Antioxidants
Katarína Valachová*, Mária Banasová, Lubica Machová, Ivo Juránek, Štefan Bezek, and Ladislav Šoltés

Laws of the Transesterification of Methyl Ester 3-(3 ’, 5 '- di-tert.butyl-4 '-hydroxyphenyl)-Propionic Acid by Pentaerythritol and the Result of Its Reaction
A. A. Volodkin, G. E. Zaikov, N. M. Evteeva, S. M. Lomakin, and E. Klodzinska

On Reception of the Methyl Ester 3-(3 ’, 5 '-di-tret.butyl-4 '-hydroxyphenyl)-Propionic Acid
G.E. Zaikov, ¿. ¿. Volodkin, S. M. Lomakin, and S. Kubica

Activating by Para-Aminobenzoic Acid of Sowing Properties of Seed of Winter Grain Crops and Forage Cereals
S. A. Bekusarova, N. A. Bome, L. I. Weisfeld, F. T. Tzomatova, and G. V. Luschenko

On the Quantum-Chemical Calculation
V.A. Babkin., D.S. Zakharov, and G. E. Zaikov

On the Quantum-Chemical Modeling
¿. ¿. Turovsky, ¿. R. Kytsya, L. ¿. Bazylyak, and G. E Zaikov

Some Aspects of Bio-Decomposed Polymers and Agriculture's Waste
I. A. Kirsh, D. A. Pomogova, and D. A. Sogrina

Some Aspects of Secondary Polymeric Materials on the Basis of Polypropylene and Polyethyleneterephthalat
I. A. Kirsh, D. A. Pomogova, and D. A. Sogrina

High-Energy Bonds Formation in ATP Based on Experimental and Quntum-Mechanical Data
G. ¿. Korablev, N. V. Khokhriakov, G. ¿. Zaikov, and Yu. G. Vasiliev

Practical Hints on Production of Carbon Nanotubes and Polymer Nanocomposites (Part I)
Z. M. Zhirikova., V. Z. Aloev , G. V. Kozlov., and G. E. Zaikov

Practical Hints on Production of Carbon Nanotubes and Polymer Nanocomposites (Part II)
Z. M. Zhirikova, G. V. Kozlov, and V. Z. Aloev

A Note on Irreversible Aggregation Model for Nanofillers
G. V. Kozlov, Yu. G Yanovsky. , G. E. Zaikov

A Reinforcement Mechanism for Nanocomposites
G. V. Kozlov, Z. Kh. Aphashagova , A. Kh. Malamatov, and G. E. Zaikov

Practical Hints on Production of Carbon Nanotubes and Polymer Nanocomposites (Part III)
G. V. Kozlov, Z. M. Zhirikova, V. Z. Aloev, and G. E. Zaikov

On The synergetics Law and Nanocomposites
G. M. Magomedov, Kh. Sh. Yakh’yaeva, G. V. Kozlov, and G. E. Zaikov

On the Effect of Substitutes on Phenol Toxicity
I. S. Belostotskaja, E. B. Burlakova, V. M. Misin, G. A. Nikiforov, N. G. Khrapova, and V. N. Shtol'ko

On New Application of Nanofillers
A. A. Olkhov, A.L. Iordanskii, R. Yu. Kosenko, Yu. S. Simonova and G.E. Zaikov

Updates on Modification of Ethylene Copolymers
S.N. Rusanova, O.V.Stoyanov, S.Ju.Sofina, G.E. Zaikov

Chemical Interaction of Organosilicon Compounds and Ethylene Copolymers
S. N. Rusanova, O. V.Stoyanov, A. B.Remizov, S. Ju.Sofina, V. K. Gerasimov, A. E. Chalykh, G. E. Zaikov

Updates on the Adhesion Strength of Polyolefin Compositions
E. V. Sechko, R. M. Khuzakhanov, L. F. Stoyanova, I. A. Starostina, O.V. Stoyanov, G.E. Zaikov

Updates on the Surface Free Energy Parameters
A. Starostina, O. V. Stoyanov, N. V. Makhrova, G. E. Zaikova and R. Ya. Deberdeev

Quantization of Energy Interactions
G. ¿. Korablev and G. E. Zaikov

Energy Conversion Using Nanofibers for Textile Solar Cells
Vahid Mottaghitalab , Maedeh Sajedi, Mahmood Saberi Motlagh

Effect of Savory Essential Oil on the Leukemogenesis in Mice
T. A. Misharina, E. B. Burlakova, L. D. Fatkullina, A.K.Vorobyeva, I.B.Medvedeva

Effect of Savory Essential Oil Supplementation on the Lifetime and Leukemogenesis in Mice
L. D. Fatkullina, T. A. Misharina, A.K.Vorobyeva, E. B. Burlakova

Alpha-Tocopherol and the Lipid Peroxidation Regulation in Murine Tissues Under Acute Irradiation
N. V. Khrustova, Ye. V. Kushnireva, and L. N. Shishkina

The Biocompatibility of Polymers Based on 2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate for Creation of New Embolization Materials Possessed of Transport Function
E. V. Koverzanova, S. V. Usachev, K. Z. Gumargalieva, M. I. Titova, and L. S. Kokov

Interaction and Structure Formation of Gelatin Type A with Thermo Aggregates of Bovine Serum Albumin
Y. A. Antonov, and I. L. Zhuravleva

Express Assessment of Cell Viability on Biological Preparations
L. P. Blinkova, Y. D. Pakhomov, O. V. Nikiforova, V. F. Evlashkina, M. L. Altshuler

A New Approach to the Creation of Biocompatible Magnetically Targeted Nanosystems for a Smart Delivery of Therapeutic Products
A. V. Bychkova, M. A. Rosenfeld, V. B. Leonova, O. N. Sorokina, and A. L. Kovarski

Micropropagation of Hypericum Perforatum L. for Medicinal and Ornamental Purposes
Y. A. Gurchenkova, A. E. Rybalko, and L. G. Kharuta

Activity of Liposomal Antimicrobic Preparations Concerning Staphylococcus Aureus
N. N. Ivanova, G. I. Mavrov, S. A. Derkach, and E. V. Kotsar

Polyelectrolyte Microsensors as a New Tool For Metabolites’ Detection
L. I. Kazakova, G. B. Sukhorukov, and L. I. Shabarchina

Selection of Medical Preparations for Treating Lower Parts of the Urinary System
Z.G. Kozlova

Commentary: Modern Scientific Education
N. I. Kozlowa, A. E. Rybalko, K. P. Skipina, and L. G. Kharuta

Recent Advances in Application of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) in Textiles
M. Hasanzadeh and B. Hadavi Moghadam

Conclusion Calculated Dependencies, Link Geometrical and Operational Parameters Scrubbers
R. R. Usmanova and G. E. Zaikov


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