1st Edition

Child Abuse & Neglect A Diagnostic Guide for Physicians, Surgeons, Pathologists, Dentists, Nurses and Social Workers

By Vincent Palusci, Howard Fischer Copyright 2011
    272 Pages 599 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The doctor, dentist or related professional who treats children has a moral and legal obligation to diagnose correctly suspected maltreatment and to report it to the proper authorities. These obligations may bring the doctor into contact with the child protection system as well as the courts. The practitioner needs to be prepared for court testimony, and a foundation of knowledge about child maltreatment is essential. This book provides unparalleled images to assist the physician and dentist in recognizing, diagnosing, and reporting child abuse and neglect.

    Written by and for professionals in disciplines ranging from general and child abuse pediatrics, to surgery, emergency medicine, pathology, dentistry, nursing and social work, the book reflects current, and increasing, knowledge in this field. The authors stress throughout the importance of including a broad and representative range of possibilities in their differential diagnoses so that a non-inflicted condition is not labeled child abuse, and an inflicted injury cannot be mistaken for a more innocent condition.

    Abusive burns
    Cutaneous conditions mimicking child abuse
    Imaging child abuse
    Ocular trauma
    Otolaryngologic manifestations of abuse and neglect
    Recognition of child abuse and neglect by dentists, health and child care professionals and law enforcement
    Abusive abdominal trauma
    Anogenital findings and child sexual abuse
    Child maltreatment fatalities
    Failure to thrive
    Munchausen syndrome by proxy


    Vincent Palusci, Howard Fischer