128 Pages
    by Routledge

    128 Pages
    by Routledge

    Building on the established strengths of the first edition, Child Language has now been fully updated and includes some basic theory content, more exercises and summaries at the end of each unit.
    Child Language:
    * introduces students to key areas involved in the study of children's language: vocabulary development, word and sentence structure, conversational skills and pronunciation
    * contains a corpus of children's language
    * includes suggestions for project work.

    Unit 1: Starting to Talk Unit 2: Finding Out What Words Mean Unit 3: Building Up a Dictionary Unit 4: Putting Together Sentences Unit 5: Building Longer Sentences Unit 6: Saying No and Asking Questions Unit 7: Becoming a Word Maker Unit 8: Having a Conversation Unit 9: Learning to Get the Sounds Right Unit 10: Still Learning: Gogs and Dogs Unit 11: Exploring Children's Language: Projects Unit 12: Going on From Here: Further Study and Reading Corpus of Child Language Data Answers to Further Exercises


    Jean Stilwell Peccei, formerly Roehampton University, UK.

    `Particularly suitable for my first year students, who have little background in linguistics. Genuine data and practical exercises are among the strengths of this invaluable workbook.' - Jamal Ardehali, Glasgow University

    'Excellent as a pre-course introduction to language acquisition; goodpractical exercises to assimilate information.' - G.Stoneham, St Mark and St John College, Plymouth