1st Edition

Childhood Autism A Clinician's Guide to Early Diagnosis and Integrated Treatment

    176 Pages
    by Routledge

    174 Pages
    by Routledge

    Childhood Autism provides clinicians with a comprehensive guide for working with autistic children and their families. It offers practical assistance with early diagnosis, cutting edge treatment options and goals, interdisciplinary insights, and available resources. Empirical research findings are presented in a clear, accessible manner. Perhaps most importantly, vivid case examples bring both the therapist’s and patient’s experience to the fore as they work towards recovery.

    This clear and informative book should be required reading for professionals and students in the fields of medicine, social work, psychology, education, and any other clinicians who work with children on the autism spectrum.

    Grandin, Foreword. Introduction.  Making an Accurate and Timely Diagnosis.  Autism: The Experience for Children, Parents and Practitioners.  Applied Behavioural Analysis: The Gold Standard and Beyond.  Sensory Integration, Systematic Desensitization, and Exercise: Promoting Interdisciplinary Intervention in the Mind-body Relationship.  Addressing Core Social Deficits.  The Psychobiology of Autism: Coping with Dietary Restrictions, Invasive Procedures and Chronic Pain.  Autism and Academics: Getting the Appropriate Education and IEP.  Newer Treatments, Resiliency, and Hope for the Future.


    Dr. Jennifer Hillman is a licensed clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychology at Berks College of the Pennsylvania State University, USA.

    Stephen Snyder is a Senior Lecturer in English at the Berks College of Pennsylvania State University, USA.

    James Neubrander is a board certified diplomat in environmental medicine. He is a member of the think tank of the internationally recognized Autism Research Institute, USA.

    Finally, a clinician’s guide to autism which has an integrated treatment approach and displays a clear understanding of what parents of a child on the spectrum experiences. This informative book explains all you need to know in regards to treating and educating a child with autism. – Chantal Sicile-Kira, Executive Director, Autism Making a Difference, Inc.

    Childhood Autism provides both practical and scientific information on different therapies for young children with autism… it will be extremely useful for therapists and teachers. - Temple Grandin, from the foreword