1st Edition

Childhood Socialization

By Gerald Handel Copyright 1987
    ISBN 9780202303369
    Published December 31, 1987 by Routledge

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    This book presents a selection of studies that together convey how the agents of socialization operate to induct the human child into society. It is most fully devoted to socialization in the United States.

    Part I: The Concept of Socialization 1. Socialization and Individuation 2. Socialization and the Social Self Part II: Childhood in History 3. Little Angels, Little Devils: A Sociology of Children Part III: Family as Socializing Agent 4. Tiny Dramas: Vocal Communication between Mother 5. Comparative Socialization Practices in Traditional and Alternative Families 6. Contributions of Human Infants to Caregiving and Social Interaction Part IV: School as Socializing Agent 7. Cooperation and Control in Japanese Nursery Schools 8. The Daily Grind 9. The Carpool: A Socializing Adjunct to the Educational Experience Part V: Peer Group as Socializing Agent 10. Children's Conception and Reaction to Adult Rules: The Underlife of the Nursery School 11. Friends, Impression Management, and Preadolescent Behavior Part VI: Television as Socializing Agent 12. Socialization and Conceptions of Social Reality 13. Families and Television: An Application of Frame Analysis Theory Part VII: Socialization to Gender 14. A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Sex Differences in the Behavior of Children Aged 3 Through 11 15. Changes in Family Roles, Socialization, and Sex Differences 16. Sex Differences in the Complexity of Children's Play and Games Part VIII: Stratification and Socialization 17. Blue-Collar Artistocrats and Their Children 18. Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work 19. Black Parents and Children in a Public Housing Project

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