1st Edition

Childhood and After Some Essays and Clinical Studies

By Susan Isaacs Copyright 1948
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    254 Pages
    by Routledge

    This volume… consists partly of a selection of technical psycho-analytical studies, partly of papers which either touch upon the bearing of psycho-analysis on the upbringing and education of young children, or link their social and emotional life with their intellectual and practical needs. Most of these essays deal with children; in any case they rest upon the relationship between childhood and adult life, as for example "The Modifications of the Ego", where it can be clearly seen that it is not possible to understand the adult without going back to the feelings, phantasies and experiences of the infant. In "The Criteria of Interpretation" there is very little reference to children, the paper being concerned with psycho-analytic work with adults, but the same implications will be seen there also. In the nature of the case some of the essays are more popular than others, but I hope that none of them will be found so technical as to be devoid of interest to those concerned with the psychological problems of little children. Those previously published have not been changed save for a few minor verbal alterations. They are arranged simply in order of publication (or delivery, if previously unpublished).

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    Chapter 1 The Mental Hygiene of The Pre-School Child1Being a paper read at a joint meeting of the Educational and the Medical Sections of the British Psychological Society on June 27th, 1928., 2British Journal of Medical Psychology, Vol. VIII, Pt. 3, 1928. (All rights reserved.) (1928); Chapter 2 Privation and Guilt1International Journal of Psycho-Analysis, Vol. X, Pts. 2 and 3. 1929. (1929); Chapter 3 Rebellious and Defiant Children1A lecture given to a general public audience at the Institute of Psycho-Analysis 1934. Not previously published. (1934); Chapter 4 Property and Possessiveness1British Journal of Medical Psychology, Vol. XV, Pt. 1. A Contribution to a Symposium at the Medical Section of the British Psychological Society, 1934. (1935); Chapter 5 The Educational Value of The Nursery School1First published in 1937 by The Nursery School Association of Great Britain: First Edition, 1937; Second Edition, 1938. (1937); Chapter 6 Recent Advances in The Psychology of Young Children1An Address given to the Education Section of the British Psychological Society at the Twenty-Sixth Annual Conference of Educational Associations, 1938. Reprinted from the Report of the Conference. (1938); Chapter 7 Modifications of The Ego Through The Work of Analysis1A revised version of a paper read at a Symposium at the Joint Meeting of the British and French Psycho-Analytical Societies, Paris, April 30th 1939. Not previously published. (1939); Chapter 8 Criteria for Interpretation1I.J.P.A., Vol. XX, Pt. 2. A paper read to the International Congress of Psycho-Analysis, Paris, 1938. (1939); Chapter 9 A Special Mechanism in A Schizoid Boy1I.J.P.A., Vol. XX, Pts. 3 and 4. (1939); Chapter 10 Temper Tantrums in Early Childhood in Their Relation to Internal Objects1I.J.P.A., Vol. XXI, Pt. 3. A paper read to the International Congress of Psycho-Analysis, Paris, 1938. (1940); Chapter 11 An Agute Psychotic Anxiety Occurring in a Boy of Four Years1I.J.P.A., Vol. XXIV, Pt. 3, 1943. An expanded version of a paper read to the British Psycho-Analystical Society, 1938. (1943); Chapter 12 Fatherless Children1From Fatherless Children, N.E.F. Monograph No 2 edited by Peggy Volkov, M.A., Ph.D. (1945); Chapter 13 Children in Institutions1Being a Memorandum presented to the Home Office Care of Children Committee, 1945. Not previously published as a whole. (1945);


    Susan Isaacs