1st Edition

Childhood and Trauma Separation, Abuse, War

Edited By Elisabeth Ullmann, Werner Hilweg Copyright 1999
    250 Pages
    by Routledge

    244 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published 1999, this book attempts to answer these questions and takes a broad approach to the subject of "Childhood and Trauma". It examines in detail separation, sexual abuse and war, all of which are particularly traumatizing to children, and how they are dealt with in different cultures. In addition to describing the causes and impacts of trauma, the book also gives special attention to healing and helping traumatized children. One chapter deals solely with how to support professional caregivers who live and work with affected children. Another aim of the book is to use the practical experience of SOS Children’s Villages to illustrate the possibilities and limits of professional care and therapy for traumatized children. The Book comprises a total of 17 articles provided by authors from eight different countries and pursues both a practical and theoretical approach to the problems mentioned above. "Children and Trauma" is intended for psychologists, psychotherapists, educators, social workers as well as a broader audience of professional caregivers and anyone interested in the subject.

    1. The Rights of the Child and the State of the Wold’s Children, Helmut Wintersberger.  2. Children and Youth in the Spotlight. SOS Children’s Villages, Richard Pichler.  3. What is Psychological Trauma? Methods of Treatment, Elin Hordvik.  4. "..and I didn’t even know who I was anymore." Children of Divorce, Helmut Figdor.  5. "If I Could Become Anyone Else in the World" Traumatization Through Separation and Loss, Karl Hrdina.  6. Coping with Grief after Separation and Loss. A Case Study, Gertrude Bogyi.  7. Separation as Trauma, Relationship as Therapy, Regis Thill.  8. Child Sexual Abuse. Challenges Facing Child Protection and Mental Health Professionals, David Finkelhor.  9. Early Crisis. On Dealing with Sexually Abused Children and Adolescents at SOS Children’s Village Facilities in Germany, Wolfgang Grassl.  10. Sexual; Abuse in the FAMILY. A Case Study, Christa Wagner-Ennsgraber. 11. Child Prostitution and Sexual Abuse in Latin America, with a Special Look at Paraguay, Peggy Perez, Anna Aldrian , Heike Stender.  12 Children in War : Experiences from Croatia, Dubravka Kocijan-Hercigonja.  13. The Work of SOS Chilsren’s Villages in War Zones.  14. Childhood Dreams Lost. War-Traumatized Children in Rwanda, Elisabeth Ullmann.  15. SOS Children’s Villages in the Bosnia-Herzegovina War Zone, Kresimir Sokolic.  16. "Who Killed Her?" SOS Children’s Villages Lebanon During the War, Helga Zundel.  17. The Imporance of Prfessional Helpers’ Metnal Health Marina Ajdukovic.  18. Training- Containuing Education – Reflection on Practice, Christian Posch.