1st Edition

Childhood in the Middle Ages

By Shulamith Shahar Copyright 1992
    356 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Drawing on a wide variety of European sources, Childhood in the Middle Ages (1992) examines attitudes towards children, images of childhood, and the concept of the stages of childhood in medieval culture, from the nobility to the peasantry. It makes fascinating and illuminating reading for anyone interested in the social and cultural history of medieval Europe as well as the history of child-rearing and education.

    1. The Attitude to Procreation and the Image of the Child in Medieval Culture  2. Stages in Childhood  3. A Child is Born  4. Nursing  5. The First Stage of Childhood  6. Abandonment, Infanticide and Accidents  7. Sickness, Handicaps, Bereavement and Orphanhood  8. On Education in the Second Stage of Childhood  9. Education for Service in the Secular Church and in the Monastery  10. Education in the Nobility  11. Education in Urban Society  12. Education in the Peasantry


    Shulamith Shahar