1st Edition

Children Exposed to Domestic Violence Current Issues in Research, Intervention, Prevention, and Policy Development

By Peter Jaffe Copyright 2000
    396 Pages
    by Routledge

    396 Pages
    by Routledge

    Discover research from across the United States and around the world on children exposed to domestic violence!

    If you are a member of a helping, medical, or legal profession, Children Exposed to Domestic Violence: Current Issues in Research, Intervention, Prevention, and Policy Development will help you explore research, assessments, interventions, and policy and prevention for children, victims of battering, batterers, and their families. This important book focuses on various aspects of spousal/partner abuse and child maltreatment.

    Comprehensive and thorough, Children Exposed to Domestic Violence focuses on three major sections: theoretical and research issues, intervention and prevention strategies, and policy development from an international perspective. Some of the important issues you will examine include:

    • exploring the importance of partnerships between the domestic violence front-line workers and researchers at universities
    • addressing the thorny issues of parenting in abused women
    • assessing all areas of children's adjustment as well as their various relationships that may be problematic
    • investigating the results of a quarter century research on men who batter by focusing on the crucial link between exposure to violence in childhood and adult marital behavior
    • understanding the role of physiological and environmental factors as central to the role in domestic violence
    • exploring the challenges faced by shelter staff in providing services to children who accompany their mother to find refuge
    • examining new ideas for primary prevention programs in schools
    • understanding policy and legislative implications of the growing body of literature on the impact of exposure to violence on children

      Children Exposed to Domestic Violence exemplifies the serious challenges faced by social workers, educators, policymakers, psychologists and others in helping professions working with children who have been exposed to domestic violence. You will gain insight into the vast amount of research that has taken place in the last ten years on this problem that will assist you with creating research ideas, interventions, prevention programs, and policies concerning children exposed to domestic violence.

    • About the Contributors
    • Introduction
    • Emerging Issues for Children Exposed to Domestic Violence
    • Theoretical and Research Issues
    • Making the Invisible (ital) Victims of Violence Against Women Visible Through University/Community Partnerships
    • Trauma and Parenting in Battered Women: An Addition to an Ecological Model of Parenting
    • Consider the Children: Research Informing Interventions for Children Exposed to Domestic Violence
    • Witnessing Parental Violence as a Traumatic Experience Shaping the Abusive Personality
    • The Neglected Variable of Physiology in Domestic Violence
    • Posttraumatic Response and Children Exposed to Parental Violence
    • The Relevance of Narrative Research with Children Who Witness War and Children Who Witness Woman Abuse
    • Intervention and Prevention
    • Evaluation of the London (Ontario) Community Group Treatment Programme for Children Who Have Witnessed Woman Abuse
    • Helping Children Who Reside at Shelters for Battered Women: Lessons Learned
    • Assessment and Intervention for PTSD in Children Exposed to Violence
    • Mothers and Children Together: A Family Group Treatment Approach
    • Child Protection Workers and Battered Women's Advocates Working Together to End Violence Against Women and Children
    • The Role of Attitudes and Awareness in Anti-Violence Education
    • Policy Development and International Issues
    • Controversies in Family Preservation Programs
    • Aligning with the Battered Woman to Protect Both Mother and Child: Direct Practice and Policy Implications
    • Innovative Approaches to Child Custody and Domestic Violence in New Zealand: The Effects of Law Reform on the Discourses of Battering
    • A Differentiated Legal Approach to the Effects of Spousal Abuse on Children: A Canadian Context
    • Custody and Visitation Trends in the United States in Domestic Violence Cases
    • Collaborating on Family Safety: Challenges for Children's and Women's Advocates
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Jaffe, Peter