25th Edition

Children Of The Great Depression 25th Anniversary Edition

By Glen H Elder Copyright 1999
    472 Pages
    by Routledge

    471 Pages
    by Routledge

    In this highly acclaimed work first published in 1974, Glen H. Elder Jr. presents the first longitudinal study of a Depression cohort. He follows 167 individuals born in 1920?1921 from their elementary school days in Oakland, California, through the 1960s. Using a combined historical, social, and psychological approach, Elder assesses the influence of the economic crisis on the life course of his subjects over two generations. The twenty-fifth anniversary edition of this classic study includes a new chapter on the war years entitled, ?Beyond Children of the Great Depression.?

    Crisis And Adaptation: An Introduction * The Depression Experience * Adaptations to Economic Deprivation Coming Of Age In The Depression * Economic Deprivation and Family Status * Children in the Household Economy * Family Relations * Status Change and Personality The Adult Years * Earning a Living: Adult Lives of the Oakland Men * Leading a Contingent Life: Adult Lives of Oakland Women * Personality in Adult Experience The Depression Experience In Life Patterns * Children of the Great Depression * Beyond Children of the Great Depression


    Glen H Elder