1st Edition

Children, Technology and Healthy Development How to Help Kids be Safe and Thrive Online

By Catherine Knibbs Copyright 2022
    198 Pages
    by Routledge

    198 Pages
    by Routledge

    How can adults keep children safe and healthy online now and in the future? How can we thrive alongside technology? This highly accessible book unpacks the latest psychological research, attachment theory and neurobiology to offer parents and professionals insight into how technology impacts children’s development and how to navigate our lives online.

    Catherine Knibbs shares her extensive experience to reveal what we know about human behaviour in cyberspace, and particularly that of children using devices, consoles and social media platforms. She offers deeper understanding of how and why children engage online and shows parents and professionals how, rather than being overwhelmed by the dangers and pathologies of cyberspace, we can learn to support children in using technology healthily. She covers key topics including social media use and abuse, impact of screen time, issues around gaming and extreme behaviours online. By the end of this book you will be able to understand your child better, and have an understanding of what is happening in their minds, brains and bodies in relation to the technological and digital world.

    Children, Technology and Healthy Development is for all parents, and professionals in psychology, education, social care and the police who are concerned with understanding how we support children in an online world. It will also be valuable reading for those in tech design interested in the impact of technology on the developing human.


    Attachment, Trauma and Child Development in an Exponential Technological Age  

    1. Attachment and Infancy, the Foundation of our Behaviour and Development 

    2.Trauma, A Very Basic Introduction  

    3.E-ttachment and the Developing Child 

    4.The Neurobiology of Online Behaviour: A New Proposition 

    5. Biology Before Brain: Why States Precede Disinhibition Online  

    6. Addiction, Attachment or Something Else? What is the Problem? 

    7.Parenting and Professional Understanding of Children With, Around and Through Technology


    8.Gaming; Good, Bad or the Problem? From Play to Time Limitations 

    9. Gaming Issues, Risks and Pitfalls

    10. Abuse in Gaming: From Bullying to Exploitation 

    11. It’s Not All Bad: Examples From Practice 

    12. Gambling in Games: Is This the Same as Sticker Books, Competition or is it More Sinister?


    13. Does Technology, Social Media or our Devices Have an Impact on Mental Health?

    14. Social Media and Dis-Order

    15. Just What is Social Media and What is it For? 

    16. Social Behaviour in an Online World, Parenting and Child Development

    17. Who, What, Why, When and the How of Social Media, and the New Communication Language

    18. Social, Communication and Attachment Media: An Online Scam?


    Catherine Knibbs is a Clinical and Academic Researcher, Consultant in the fields of Cybertrauma and Online Harms, Director for Privacy4 Ltd, and a UKCP-Accredited Child and Adult Trauma Psychotherapist.

    ‘This book will be of huge benefit and indeed, relief, to professionals, parents and indeed anyone interested in some of the most fundamental issues of our time. At last, an extremely readable, sensible but deeply nuanced and well researched work in a field full of over-blown claims, scaremongering or complacency.’

    - Dr Graham Music, Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist at the Tavistock and Portman Clinics, London, UK.

    ‘From the workings of the human brain, to gaming, social media, addiction, trauma and everything in-between, Cath Knibbs takes us on a journey of her vast experience discussing the online world; the difficulties many of us face with children, the myths and realities and, most importantly, clear and practical guidance. This book is a must-have for any professional that works with children or for parents who want to understand more about the online lives of their children.’

    - Alan Mackenzie, Online Safety Specialist and Founding Member of AACOSS, UK.

    ‘Cath Knibbs provides insight and encourages the reader to focus on what the real challenges may be, rather than what the latest media panic tells us. Are we addicted to technology? How can we identify vulnerability? Why does child online gaming trigger so much fear for parents? Effective strategies are offered for adults to support and manage the children in their care - this book is a wonderful read for any adult yearning to understand their child’s fascination with online technologies.’

    - Ken Corish, Online Safety Director, South West Grid for Learning, UK.

    ‘In her new breakout book, Cath Knibbs presents an essential ethnographic exploration into the new cyber world our children are being raised in. What is cyber-psychology, cyber-trauma, & digital parenting?  What is E-attachment and how might it impact your child's developing sense of sense, ability for self-regulation, and capacity to develop meaningful relationships? The neuroscience-backed insights Cath Knibbs presents are a much-needed lamp to guide parents, therapists, educators and, most importantly, children out of the matrix.’

    - Dr Brent T. Hogarth, Clinical Sports Psychologist and Head Coach at the Flow Research Collective.