Children and Exercise XXV : The proceedings of the 25th Pediatric Work Physiology Meeting book cover
1st Edition

Children and Exercise XXV
The proceedings of the 25th Pediatric Work Physiology Meeting

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ISBN 9780415688581
Published November 14, 2012 by Routledge
280 Pages 29 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Children and Exercise XXV presents the latest research in the field of paediatric exercise sciences, focusing on the interaction between physical activity, exercise or sport on the one hand, and nutrition, metabolism regulation, cardio-respiratory function or muscle function on the other.

Including contributions from leading international experts, the book is arranged into six thematic sections addressing:

• metabolic syndrome and nutrition

• hormonal and inflammatory regulations

• cardio-respiratory function

• children’s performance

• fitness assessment

• physical activity.

Offering a critical review of current topics and reports of contemporary research, this is a key text for all researchers, teachers, health professionals and students with an interest in paediatric sport and exercise science, sports medicine and physical education.

The papers contained within this volume were first presented at the twenty-fifth Paediatric Work Physiology meeting, held in Le Touquet, France, in September 2009.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Keynote Lectures  1. The 2009 Josef Rutenfranz Lecture "Child As A Source Of Mechanical Power"  2. Oded Bar-Or (1936-2005): "Father" Of The European Group Of Paediatric Work Physiology: Children And Exercise  3. Obesity And Cardiovascular Function In Children And Adolescents  4. Fatigue Mechanisms In Children C.A. William  5. The Ventilatory Response To Exercise In Healthy Children And Children With Respiratory Pathology  6. Daily Activities And Body Weight Stability In Children: The Unfortunate Influence Of Modernity  Part 2: Metabolic Syndrome And Nutrition  7. Metabolic Syndrome And Its Genetic Factors: A Study Of Twins From Madeira And Porto Santo Islands, Portugal  8. Familiality In Metabolic Syndrome Indicators. A Study With Azorean Families  9. Impact Of The Built Environment On Metabolic Syndrome And Other Physiological Variables  10. Lipoprotein (A) In Healthy Welsh Adolescents  11. Immediate Effects Of Exercise On Energy Intake In Normal Weight And Overweight Pre-Pubertal Children  12. ‘Fatmax’ And The Lactate Response To Exercise In Adolescents  13. Influence Of Pubertal Development On Ghrelin In Young Swimmers: A Longitudinal Study Part 3: Hormonal And Inflammatory Regulations  14. Anabolic Hormones And Inflammatory Markers In Elite Male And Female Adolescent Players Following Volleyball Practice  15. Effect Of Continuous And Intermittent Exercise On Immune Cell Responses In Children With And Without A Chronic Inflammatory Disease  16. Taekwondo Fighting Simulation And Hormonal Response In Elite Adolescent Fighters  17. Bone Mineral Values, Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1, And Sex Hormones In Adolescent Female Athletes  18. Anaerobic Exercise And Salivary Cortisol, Testosterone And Immunoglobulin (A) In 15- 16 Year Old Boys Part 4: Cardiorespiratory Functions  19. HCO3- And Non-Respiratory HCO3- Buffering In Boys And Male Adolescents  20. Secular Trends In Established And Emerging Cardiovascular Risk Factors In Welsh Adolescents  21. Limiting Factors In Maximum Oxygen Uptake In Ambulatory Children With Spinal Bifida  22. Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test Characteristics Of Children With End-Stage Renal Disease: Signs Of An Acquired Myopathy?  23. Muscle Oxidative Metabolism In Children And Adults During Moderate Intensity Cycling Exercise  24. Effect Of Pedal Rate On Pulmonary Oxygen Uptake Kinetics During High-Intensity Cycling In Adolescent Boys  25. Effects Of Exercise Modality On Ventilatory Parameters In Prepubescent Children With Cystic Fibrosis Part 5: Children’s Performances  26. Effect Of Maturation On The Relationship Between Muscle Size 143 And Force Production  27. Rate Of Muscle Activation In Pre- And Early-Pubertal Power-And Endurance-Trained Male Athletes  28. Recovery From Brief Isometric Calf Exercise In Young And Adult Females Measured With 31P-MRS  29. Anaerobic-To-Aerobic Power Ratio In Children With Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis  30. Aerobic Fitness And Performance Indices Of Repeated Sprint Test In Normal Weight And Overweight Children  31. Aerobic Capacity In Contemporary Children And Adolescents With Cerebral Palsy  32. Physiological And Perceptual Responses In Children During Variable-Intensity Exercise  Part 6: Fitness Assessment  33. Assessment Of Anaerobic Performance In Youth Basketball And 181 Its Contribution To Differentiate Players By Competitive Level  34. Clinical Exercise Testing In Children With Neurometabolic Myopathies  35. Establishing Maximal Oxygen Uptake In Young People During A Ramp Cycle Test To Exhaustion  36. Power Results Normalization In Arm Cranking And Cycloergometer Wingate Tests Performed By Different Matured Swimmers  37. Factors Affecting Leger Shuttle Run Performance In Children  38. The Test/Re-Test Reliability Of Field-Based Fitness Tests In 9-10 Year Old Schoolchildren Part 7: Physical Activity  39. Empirical Evidence To Inform Decisions Regarding Identification Of Non-Wear Periods From Accelerometer Habitual Physical Activity Data  40. Canada’s Report Card On Physical Activity For Children And Youth  41. Dose Related Association Of Total Physical Activity And Health-Related Physical Fitness  42. Comparing Physical Activity Levels Of Hungarian Boys And Girls During Weekdays  43. Relations Between Maturity Status, Physical Activity, And Physical Self-Perceptions In Primary School Children  44. Introducing The Canadian Assessment Of Physical Literacy

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Serge Berthoin is a Professor and head of the Physical Activity, Muscle and Health team in the Sport Sciences and Physical Education faculty at Lille 2 University, France. His main interest is in cardio respiratory responses to exercise and training with a particular focus on high intensity intermittent exercises.

Georges Baquet is a senior lecturer in Law and Health in the Sport Sciences and Physical Education faculty at Lille 2 University, France. His interests lie in physical activity, physical fitness and cardio respiratory responses to exercise and training.