1st Edition

Children and Exercise XXVIII The Proceedings of the 28th Pediatric Work Physiology Meeting

Edited By Manuel Coelho-E-Silva, Neil Armstrong Copyright 2014
    by Routledge

    322 Pages
    by Routledge

    Children and Exercise XXVIII presents the latest scientific research into paediatric exercise physiology, endocrinology, kinanthropometry, growth and maturation, and youth sport. Including contributions from a wide-range of leading international experts, the book is arranged into seven thematic sections addressing:

    • Cardiovascular responses to exercise
    • Genetics, metabolism and physical activity
    • Limiting factors of muscle exercise
    • Respiratory responses to exercise
    • Epidemiology in physical activity and obesity
    • Physical activity and nutrition
    • Metabolic disorders and exercise

    Offering critical reviews of current topics and reports of current and on-going research in paediatric health and exercise science, this is a key text for all researchers, teachers, health professionals and students with an interest in paediatric sport and exercise science, sports medicine and physical education.

    Part I: Rutenfranz Lecture  1. Youth, sport, and physical activity - R. M. Malina  Part II: Keynote Lectures  2. Physical activity for obese youth: Implications for chronic disease risk factors - P. T. Katzmarzyk  3. Child health needs of young children from families living in social and economic disadvantage - G. Naughton, K. Gibbons, and J. Myers  4. School based physical activity interventions can work: How effective are they and what does it take to get them implemented? - L. B. Andersen, M. Ried-Larsen, T. Huang,G.K. Resaland, and A. Bugge  5. The companionship of sedentary behaviour, physical activity, fitness, and health-findings from the EYHS (European Youth Heart Study) - L.B. Sardinha  6. Genetics of physical activity: A brief summary - J. Maia, D. Santos, R. Chaves, T. Gomes, F. Santos, M. Souza, A. Borges, S. Pereira, R. Garganta, D. Freitas, M. Thomis, and V. Diego 7. Training and testing elite young athletes - Armstrong  Part III: Physiology  8. Moderate exercise, energy intake restriction and postprandial triacylglycerol in healthy girls - K. Tolfrey, A.E. Thackray, and L.A. Barrett  9. Training increases anabolic and reduces inflammatory response to a single practice in male volleyball players - A. Eliakim, S. Portal, Y. Meckel, and D. Nemet  10. Thermoregulatory responses of artistic gymnast young athletes and non-athlete girls during exercise in heat - G.T. Leites, P.L. Sehl, G.S. Cunha, A. Detoni Filho, and F. Meyer  11. Lipid profile and presence of dyslipidaemia in physically active and insufficiently active Brazilian adolescents - C.M. Tomeleri, D.P. Silva, M.S. Carnelossi, D. Venturini, A.M. Okino, D.S. Barbosa, J.A. Oliveira, E.R.V. Ronque, and E.S. Cyrino 12. Bone ultrasound attenuation of children with Down syndrome: Relations with static stabliometric characeteristics - B. Ferry, Silva, M. Gavris, S. Serbanoiu, I Hantiu, C. Tifrea, D. Courteix  Part IV: Neuromuscular  13. Isokinetic strength of lower limbs and its differences depending on gender, muscle group and angular velocity in children - M. Tomáš, Z. František, M. Lucia, and T. Jaroslav  14. Voluntary activation of the adductor pollicis in children: A peripheral magnetic stimulation study - V. Martin, V. Kluka, S. Garcia Vicencio, F. Maso, and S. Ratel  15. Changes of postural stability with regard to gender, age and visual control of children - Z. František, M. Tomáš, M. Lucia, and G. Tomáš Advancement in the interpretation of isokinetic ratios derived from the hamstring and quadriceps - J.R. Pereira, V. Vaz, J. Valente-dos-Santos, M.J. Coelho-e Silva, R. Soles-Gonçalves, J. Páscoa-Pinheiro, A. Areces, and G. Atkinson  Part V: Cardiovascular and Cardiorespiratory Fitness  17. Allometric scaling of left ventricular mass in relation to body size, fat-free mass and maturation in 13-year-old boys - J. Castanheira, J. Valente-dos-Santos, J.P. Duarte, J.R. Pereira, R. Rebelo-Gonçalves, V. Severino, A. Machado-Rodrigues, V. Vaz, A.J. Figueiredo, M.J. Coelho-e-Silva, L.B. Sherar, M.T. Elferink-Gemser, and R.M. Malina 18. Cardiorespiratory fitness and academic achievement in a large cohort of British children: Does selective attention matter? - D.M. Pindus, S. Bandelow, E. Hogervorst, S.J.H. Biddle, and L.B. Sherar  19. Somatic maturity and central obesity as independent predictors of cardiorespiratory fitness in adolescents - D.R.P. Silva, D. Ohara, C.M. Tomeleri, M.F. Souza, M.S. Carnelossi, R.A. Fernandes, M.J. Coelho-e-Silva, E.R.V. Ronque, and E.S. Cyrino  20. Association between somatic maturity, physical activity and blood pressure in adolescents - M.F. Souza, S.S. Kawagutti, M.C. Tadiotto, D. Ohara, D.R.P Silva, M.J. Coelho-e-Silva, E.S. Cyrino, R.A. Fernandes, and E.R.V. Ronque  21. Modelling developmental changes in left ventricular mass using multiplicative allometric and additive polynomial multilevel modelling in boys aged 11-16 years - J. Valente-dos-Santos, M.J. Coelho-e-Silva, J. Castanheira, E.R. Ronque, M.T. Elferink-Gemser, and R.M. Malina  22. Criterion-related validity of the 20-m shuttle run test in Brazilian adolescents aged 11-13 years - M.B. Batista, G. Blasquez, C.L.P. Romanzini, M.J. Coelho-e-Silva, E.S. Cyrino, M. Romanzini, and E.R.V. Ronque  Part VI: Physical Fitness and Health  23. Anthropometric model to estimate body fat in boys using a multicompartmental approach - D.R. L. Machado, L.A. Gobbo, E.F. Puggina, E.L. Petroski, and V.J. Barbanti  24. Impact of behaviour determinants on overweight and obesity among Brazilian schoolchildren: Parana Healthy Program - D. Pinto-Guedes, D.J.Q. Martins, L.H.S. Martins, and E.R. Roman  25. Weight/height3.034 is a necessary tool in relative body mass estimation of adolescents - P.K. Prusov  26. Secular trend of nutritional status and cardiorespiratory fitness in children  G. Blasquez, M.B. Batista, C.L.P. Romanzini, E.S. Cyrino, H. Serassuelo Jr, and E.R.V. Ronque  27. Multivariate association between health-related quality of life and physical fitness in female students - G.E. Furtado, M.J. Coelho-e-Silva, A.J. Figueiredo, and J.P. Ferreira  Part VII: Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour  28. The effects of a 6-week resistance training programme in children with JIA: A pilot study - C. Van Oort, S. Tupper, A. Rosenberg, J. Farthing, and A. Baxter-Jones  29. Nature Ninjas: Piloting a nature-based physical activity and youth development intervention in elementary school children - K.A. Pfeiffer, D.R. Gould, C. Vogt, E. Oregon, E. Martin, C. Gammon, and M. Maienbrook  30. The impact of social competence and motor performance on physical activity - B. Martin, and J. Hay  31. Association between bone mineral density and physical activity in 12-to-14-year-old underweight boys - D. Vaitkeviciute, E. Lätt, J. Mäestu, M. Saar, P. Purge, T. Jürimäe, K. Maasalu, and J. Jürimäe  32. Objectively assessed physical activity and guideline compliance: The Midlands Adolescent Lifestyle Study - M.J. Coelho-e-Silva, I. Rego, J.P. Rodrigues, E.S. Cyrino, and A.M. Machado-Rodrigues  33. Physical activity intensity of the Wii Dance game for children 6-9 years of age - C.L.P. Romanzini, M.B. Batista, G. Blasquez, T.H. Volpato, E.S. Cyrino, M. Romanzini, and E.R.V. Ronque  34. Validity of accelerometer regression models to estimate METs in adolescents - D. Ohara, M.F. Souza, M. Romanzini, D.R.P. Silva, A.C. Dourado, E.R.V. Ronque, F. Adami, and E.S. Cyrino  35. Effects of a 1-year training programme on the skeleton of Down syndrome children? - M. Gavris, B. Ferry, S. Serbanoiu, I. Hantiu, K. Kiss, G. Lucaciu, C Tifrea, D Courteix - 36. Agreement of physical activity assessed by objective and selfreported measures: Variation by weight status - A.M. Machado-Rodrigues, M.J. Coelho-e-Silva, and J. Mota  Part VIII: Sport Participation and the Young Athlete  37. Drop-out in Brazilian youth tennis players: A comparative study  F. de Oliveira Matos, R. Assis Garcia, D. Martin Samulski, and S. Soares da Silva  38. Systematized learning assessment in swimming practice - A. Custódio Marques, O. Andries Júnior, R. Carvalho de Moraes, M. Vinicius Machado, E.S. Cyrino, and E. Colantonio  39. Importance of the social environment in the development of field hockey expertise - K.M. Nieuwenhuis, M.T. Elferink-Gemser, S.C.M. Te Wierike, W. Idema, and C. Visscher  40. Coaches’ judgment about current and future performance level of basketball players - S.C.M. te Wierike, E.J. Yvonne-Tromp, J. Valente-dos-Santos,M.T. Elferink-Gemser, and C. Visscher  41. Biological maturation at time of selection and swimming career paths in Flemish swimmers - T. Martine, G. Ariane, R. Stien, and L. Matthieu  42. Peak VO2 in prepubertal swimmers - M.A. Rodrigues Ferreira, J. Mendes, R. Fernandes, C. Fernando, and A.M. Vences Brito  43. Absolute and scaled peak power assessments in young male soccer players: Variation by playing position - V. Severino, M.J. Coelho-e-Silva, J.P. Duarte, J.R. Pereira, F. Simões, R. Rebelo-Gonçalves, J. Valente-dos-Santos, C. Castagna, and A.J. Figueiredo  44. Training behaviour in relation to performance development in talented speed skaters: A descriptive study  M.T. Elferink-Gemser, I.M. de Roos, M. Torenbeek, W. Idema, L. Jonker, and C. Visscher  45. The anthropometric characteristics of young paddlers and their relationship with paddle set-up and performance - R.A. Fernandes, B.B. Gomes, R. Rebelo–Gonçalves1, J.P. Duarte, J.R. Pereira, and A. Cupido-dos-Santos  46. Correlation between critical velocity and maximal lactate steady sate in adolescent swimmers - M.V. Machado, O.A. Junior, A. Marques, E. Colantonio, L.R. Altimari, E.S. Cyrino, and M.T. de Melo  47. Agreement between peak power outputs obtained from the application of common braking force and the estimated optimal load in soccer goalkeepers - R. Rebelo-Gonçalves, A.J Figueiredo, J.P. Duarte, J.R. Pereira, R.A. Fernandes, F. Simões, V. Severino, J. Valente-dos-Santos, V. Vaz, A. Cupido-dos-Santos, M.J. Coelho-e-Silva, A. Tessitore, and N. Armstrong  48. Agreement between invasive and non-invasive indicators of biological maturation in adolescent swimmers - L. Ribeiro, M.J. Coelho-e-Silva, V. Vaz, A.J. Figueiredo, A. van der Sluis, M.T. Elferink-Gemser, M.E. Peña-Reyes, and R.M. Malina  49. Reproducibility of repeated dribbling ability - J.P. Duarte, V. Severino, J.R. Pereira, R.A. Fernandes, F. Simões, R. Rebelo-Gonçalves, J. Valente-dos-Santos, V. Vaz, A. Seabra, and M.J. Coelho-e-Silva  50. Allometric modelling of peak power output obtained from a force-velocity protocol in prepubertal boys - R. Baptista, A. Cupidos-dos-Santos, J.P. Duarte, J.R. Pereira, R. Rebelo-Gonçalves, V. Severino, J. Valente-dos-Santos, I. Rego, M.J. Coelho-e-Silva1, C.A. Fontes-Ribeiro, L. Capranica, and N.Armstrong  51. Is gymnastics exposure associated with skeletal benefits in the forearm in young children? - S.A. Jackowski, M.C. Erlandson, R. Gruodyte-Raciene, S.A. Kontulainen, and A. Baxter-Jones  52. Maturity of children and adolescents belonging to well defined activity groups: Sedentary, leisure, sports - I. Fragoso, J. Teles, L. Massuça, J. Albuquerque, and C. Barrigas


    Manuel Coelho e Silva is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Sport Science and Physical Education at the University of Coimbra, Portugal.

    Neil Armstrong is Professor of Paediatric Physiology and Director of the Children's Health and Exercise Research Centre at the University of Exeter, UK. He is also Vice-President and Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Exeter.