1st Edition

Children and Social Security

By Jonathan Bradshaw Copyright 2003

    This title was first published in 2003. There is growing anxiety about the consequences of social and economic change for children in industrial countries. It is in this context that the Federation for International Studies in Social Security chose Children and Social Security as the theme of its conference held in June 2001. Leading academics came together to discuss issues such as international comparative studies of child poverty, financial benefit packages for children, aspects of social security provision for families with children. This volume is international in focus bringing together research from the US, Europe, South Africa, New Zealand it should be useful to researchers of social policy, economics, sociology and politics, as well as policy-makers and representatives of charities and international bodies.

    1: International Comparisons of Child Poverty; 1.1: After welfare reform and an economic boom: why is child poverty still so much higher in the U.S. than in Europe?; 1.2: The poverty and social exclusion survey of Britain: implications for the assessment of social security provision for children in Europe; 1.3: Economic well-being of children in the deep Swedish recession of the 1990s; 1.4: Child poverty à la carte? The effects of measurement period for income on poverty estimates; 2: Child Benefit Packages; 2.1: Cash benefits for children in four Anglo-American countries; 2.2: Understanding the generosity of government financial support to families with children; 2.3: Re-orienting support for children in New Zealand; 2.4: Child expenditure and public pensions: policy issues; 3: Other Aspects of Social Security Provision for Children; 3.1: Formalising the informal: family obligations in modern Asia; 3.2: Child support reforms in the United Kingdom and the United States; 3.3: Extending cash social assistance to children and their caregivers: a South African case study; 3.4: Is it possible to satisfy people who encounter the system of social services?; 3.5: Costs and benefits of child care services in Switzerland - empirical results for Zurich


    Jonathan Bradshaw