This volume brings together a selection of the most influential and informative English language refereed journal articles on children in out-of-home care, their birth relatives and carers. The articles, which include empirical research and critiques of policy and practice, are mainly from the UK and USA, but include some coverage of child placement policy and practice in Australia and mainland Europe. The volume starts with a joint introductory chapter by the two distinguished authors (one American, one British) reviewing the state of knowledge on children in care and drawing attention to other important sources not included as chapters.

    Contents: Introduction; Part I History, Values and Context: Reception into care - its meaning for all concerned, Olive Stevenson; Fostering in the 70s, Jane Rowe; Achieving permanence: papers from Swanwick 1981, prevention, Bill Jordan; Planning into practice, R.A. Parker; Rethinking 'child placement': a reflective essay, James K. Whittaker and Anthony N. Maluccio; After safety, what is the goal of child welfare services: permanency, family continuity or social benefit?, R.P. Barth. Part II Foster Family Care (with Kin and Outside the Family of Origin): Short-Term and Task-Centred Foster Care: Short-term family-based care for children in need, Marie Bradley and Jane Aldgate; Effectiveness of treatment foster care with children and adolescents: a review of outcome studies, Linda A. Reddy and Steven I. Pfeiffer; Kinship Foster Care: The evolution of kinship care policy and practice, Rob Green; 'Care and Upbringing' in Foster Families: Children's adjustment to long-term foster care, James Barber and Paul Delfabbro; Adult outcome of children reared for long-term periods in foster families, Annick-Camille Dumaret, Marthe Coppel-Batsch and Simone Couraud; Foster family characteristics and behavioral and emotional problems of foster children: a narrative review, John G. Orme and Cheryl Buehler; Matches and mismatches: the contribution of carers and children to the success of foster placements, Ian Sinclair and Kate Wilson; Risk and resilience in long-term foster care, Gillian Schofield and Mary Beek; Managing the Family Foster Care Service: Professional Foster Care: A future worth pursuing?, Mark F. Testa and Nancy Rolock; A description and analysis of multi-sectoral fostering practice in the United Kingdom, Clive Sellick and Darren Howell. Part III Residential Care: The impact of residential placement on child development: research and policy implications, Michael Little, Amelia Kohm and Ronald Thompson; Services for troubled adolescents: exploring user variation, David


    Mark Courtney is Professor and Executive Director, Partners for Our Children at the University of Washington. June Thoburn is Professor at the Department of Social Work at the University of East Anglia, UK.

    '...there is a huge amount of useful and interesting material here...' Youth Justice Journal