1st Edition

Children's Language Volume 4

Edited By K. E. Nelson Copyright 1983
    496 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    First published in 1983. This series, Children’s Language, reflects the conviction that extensive work on entirely new fronts along with a great deal of reinterpretation of old-front data will be necessary before any persuasive and truly orderly account of language. For all volumes in the series there is a common scheme of operation with two tactics. First, to give authors sufficient planning time and freedom to arrive at a chapter-length account of their area of thinking which vividly shows both the progress and the problems in that area, with the author of each chapter free to find a workable proportion of new experimental contributions, review, and theory. The second tactic concerns the selection of topics for each volume. This is Volume 4. Structures about language and thought and children as employed in certain other fields may well be shaken and stimulated, particularly in education, sociology, anthropology, literature, and language remediation.

    Preface 1. Talking About the There and Then: The Emergence of Displaced Reference in Parent-Child Discourse 2. Saying It Again: The Role of Expanded and Deferred Imitations in Language Acquisition 3. Names, Gestures, and Objects: Symbolization in Infancy and Aphasia 4. Perceptual Constraints on the Use of Language by Young Children 5. Getting Others to Do What You Want Them to Do: Development of Children’s Requestive Strategies 6. Mother-Child Language in the Natural Environment 7. The Role of Play in Phonological Development 8. Cognitive Aspects of Phonological Development: Model, Evidence, and Issues 9. Language Acquisition in a Deaf Child of Deaf Parents: Speech, Sign Variations, and Print Variations 10. What Do You Do if You Can’t Tell the Whole Story? The Development of Summarization Skills 11. Developmental Differences in Schemata for Story Comprehension 12. Developmental Language Studies in the Neuropsychiatric Disorders of Childhood


    Keith .E. Nelson The Pennsylvania State University