1st Edition

Children's Language Volume 5

Edited By K. E. Nelson Copyright 1985
    472 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    First published in 1985. In children’s language we are in search of the “ great bears,” the clear solid patterns that hold up after countless angles of view and after many, many lenses have been tried. In the first four volumes of this series, Children's Language, there has been coverage of alternative theories and methods in syntax, semantics, discourse, phonology, figurative language, second language learning, the transition to text processing, and story structures, among other topics. In order to present a lively account of development, the authors in the first four volumes were encouraged to each adopt a flexible format—one that best fit their own material rather than sticking to a standard review organization. Exactly the same approach has been taken by the authors of the present volume 5.

    1: The Concept of Experience in Speech Development; 2: Intonation in Discourse: Talk Between 12-Month-Olds and Their Mothers; 3: Confusion, Substitution, and Mastery: Pretend Play During the Second Year of Life 1; 4: The Child's Expressible Knowledge of Word Concepts: What Preschoolers Can Say About the Meanings of Some Nouns and Verbs; 5: Comparing Good and Poor Readers:; 6: Early Intervention Programs for Hearing Impaired Children:; 7: Language Development Under Atypical Learning Conditions: Replication and Implications of a Study of Deaf Children of Hearing Parents; 8: Parent-Child Interaction with Receptively Disabled Children: Some Determinants of Maternal Speech Style; 9: Early Linguistic Development of Children with Specific Language Impairment; 10: The Relationship Between Degree of Bilingualism and Cognitive Ability: A Critical Discussion and Some New Longitudinal Data; 11: Pragmatism and Dialectical Materialism in Language Development; 12: Beyond Communicative Adequacy: From Piecemeal Knowledge to an Integrated System in the Child's Acquisition of Language; 13: Language Learnability and Children's Language: A Multlfaceted Approach


    Keith. E. Nelson The Pennsylvania State University