1st Edition

Children's Language Volume 8

Edited By Keith E. Nelson, Zita R‚ger Copyright 1995
    310 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    310 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Each child is spoken to by genetic heritage and by the rich current set of interactional environments -- familial, local community, and broader cultural voices. Using past structures and paradigms of scholarship, scholars seek to understand what the child achieves in language and how. The tools available for this research are not static but evolve jointly through the sharing of information, and with each "brief moment in time" in efforts to look at children's languages "just as they are."

    Containing a wide range of contributions from developmental approaches to phonological ability, the lexicon, the grammar as well as conversation and sign language, this text details the interrelated research and theorizing discussed at a recent Budapest conference. The meeting of the International Association for the Study of Child Languages was particularly rich in the diversity of scholars present, which is highly appropriate because such diversity is integral to an informed study of children's language.

    Contents: Preface. C. Lléo, Insights Into Early Second Language Phonological Acquisition: From Transfer and Developmental Processes to a Nonlinear Principles-and-Parameters View. A. Jarovinskij, On Bilingual Socialization. C. Holmlund, Development of Turntakings as a Sensorimotor Process in the First 3 Months: A Sequential Analysis. L. French, M.K. Pak, Young Children's Play Dialogues With Mothers and Peers. A. Ninio, Expression of Communicative Intents in the Single-Word Period and the Vocabulary Spurt. D. Poulin-Dubois, Object Parts and the Acquisition of the Meaning of Names. A. Martini, C. Di Turo, F. Tomaiuolo, Phonological Awareness and the Alphabetic System: From Kindergarten to First Grade. G.J. van der Lem, D.E. Timmerman, Joint Picture Book Reading in Signs: An Interaction Process Between Parent and Deaf Child. M. Harris, J. Beech, Reading Development in Prelingually Deaf Children. M. Przetacznik-Gierowska, Functions of Resultative Coordinate Constructions in Early Language and Logical Development: Insights From Children's Acquisition of Polish. L.M. Sicuro Correâ, The Relative Difficulty of Children's Comprehension of Relative Clauses: A Procedural Account. P. Cipriani, A.M. Chilosi, P. Bottari, Language Acquisition and Language Recovery in Developmental Dysphasia and Acquired Childhood Aphasia.


    Nelson, Keith E, Reger, Zita

    "The entire volume is a pleasure to read. It is also very informative as suggested by the appended 600 name and over 500 subject indices."
    The Phonetician

    "The editors, Nelson and Réger, have done an excellent job of selecting and editing the papers. The volume is well-presented....Scholars and postgraduate students interested in child language should find selected readings from this volume extremely useful."
    British Journal of Developmental Psychology