1st Edition

China, Japan, and Senkaku Islands Conflict in the East China Sea Amid an American Shadow

By Monika Chansoria Copyright 2018
    286 Pages
    by Routledge

    286 Pages 7 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Tracing the genesis of the Senkaku Islands in the memoirs of history, and its potential future, in the backdrop of the East China Sea’s brewing dispute, this book chronicles the journey of Sino-Japanese relations in the explicit context of the Senkaku Islands. The evolving power transition dynamics in East Asia render Washington the lynchpin of Tokyo’s diplomatic and security strategy, and vice versa. Conversely, China is abrasively displaying an almost predictable geo-strategic pattern and strategy of enforcing territorial claims across Asia, keeping it just below the threshold of provoking conflict, whilst testing the tenacity of existential status quoist norms. Consequentially, the need to steer Asia towards a regional order that maintains stability in the power equilibrium, thereby challenging a visibly coercive Sino-centric vision of the future Asia, especially within the Indo-Pacific, has become far more manifest than ever before.

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    1. The Genesis of Dispute in the East China Sea 2. International Law, Legal Provisions, and Conventions 3. The Resurgence of Nationalism in China and Japan 4. Oil, Gas, and Economics of the Conflict 5. The China-Japan-America Triangle: Coercive Diplomacy, Military Supremacy, and Strategic Power Interplay 6. Reigniting a Quiescent Volcano: Is there a Finish Line to the Dispute Over the Senkakus? 7. Submissions for Policy Consideration and Formulation


    Monika Chansoria is a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Land Warfare Studies in New Delhi.