1st Edition

China On The Eve Of Communist Takeover

By A. Doak Barnett Copyright 1985
    383 Pages
    by Routledge

    384 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book attempts to illuminate some of the trends and conditions in China just prior to, and at the time of, the Communist takeover. It deals with the elements in the Chinese situation that contributed to the final collapse of the Nationalist regime on the China mainland during the late 1940's.

    0. Introduction Part 1. Disintegration: Nationalist China's Urban Base 1. Riding High for a Fall (Shanghai, November, 1947) 2. Uneasy Isolation (Peiping, January,. 1948) 3. "War'' in the Suburbs (Peiping, February, 1948) 4. Student Disaffection (Peiping, March, 1948) 5. Business Depression (Tientsin, April, 1948) 6. Clique Politics (Nanking, May, 1948) 7. Pressures on Labor (Shanghai, October, 1948) 8. Minor Parties in Opposition (Hong Kong, December, 1948) 9. Collapse of Public Morale (Hong Kong, December, 1948) Part II. Stagnation: Nationalist China's Rural Hinterland 10. The Status Quo in the Countryside (Hsiehmahsiang [Szechwan], June, 1948) Part III. Fragmentation: Warlords, Borderlands, and Political Disunity 11. Old-Style Warlordism (Taiyuan [Shansi], March, 1948) 12. Muslim Authoritarianism (Lanchow [Kansu], October, 1948) 13. Chinese in Inner Mongolia ( Paotow [Suiyuan], January, 1948) 14. Mongol Autonomy (Alashan [Ninghsia], September, 1948) 15. Tibetan Border Region (Kangting [Sikang], July, 1948) 16. The Panchen Lama (Kumbum [Chinghai], September, 1948) 17. Chinese Turkestan (Tihwa [Sinkiang], September, 1948) 18. Disunity in the Southwest (Kunming [Yunnan], October, 1949) 19. End of the Line (Haikow [Hainan], November, 1949) 20. Island Refuge (Taipeh [Taiwan], November, 1949) Part IV. Communist Takeover 21. Siege and Turnover (Peiping, February, 1949) 22. Takeover and Consolidation (Peiping, February, 1949) 23. Fan Shen (Peiping, August, 1949)


    Barnett, A. Doak