1st Edition

China's Agricultural Development Challenges and Prospects

By Xiao-yuan Dong, Shunfeng Song Copyright 2006

    This book identifies the main challenges Chinese agriculture is confronting and considers how these challenges might be met. The performance of China's agricultural production is comprehensively assessed while the factors that affect agricultural productivity are examined through detailed econometric analysis and up to date nationally representative data.

    Contents: Introduction: China's agricultural development: challenges and prospects, Xiao-Yuan Dong, Shunfeng Song and Xiaobo Zhang. Overview of the Challenges and Options: High performing Asian economies: retrospect and prospect, Robert W. Fogel; Several strategic and political thoughts on boosting rural development, Justin Yifu Lin; Conflicts and problems facing China's current rural reform and development, Xiwen Chen; China's rural economy and the path to a modern industrial state, Scott Rozelle and Jikun Huang; Rural development strategy in Western China under WTO, Shenggen Fan; Taiwan's agricultural development: experience and lessons, Chia-Chu Hou and Jack W. Hou. The performance and potentials of China's agriculture: production and productivity growth in Chinese Agriculture: new nation and regional measures, Shenggen Fan and Xiaobo Zhang; County-level agricultural production efficiency in China: A spatial analysis, Zhuo Chen and Wallace E. Huffman; Impact of land fragmentation on rice producers' technical efficiency in Southeast China, Shuhao Tan, Nico Heerink, Arie Kuyvenhoven and Futian Qu; Future prospects of grain supply and demand in China: a regionalized multi-market model simulation, Wencong Lu; How well will China handle its demand for grain when it peaks, Guanzhong James Wen. Agricultural Risk Management: Agricultural income risk and acreage decision in China: analysis of the alternative relationship between soybeans and corn, Qingsen Mao; Reforms, risks and commercial-cereal crop diversification: evidence from Chinese provinces, Weiyong Yang; An empirical analysis on farmer's demand of alternative types of insurance in China, Holly H. Wang and Guangwen He; Price behavior in China's wheat futures market, Wen Du and Holly H. Wang; Index.


    Xiao-yuan Dong is Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Winnipeg, Canada. Shunfeng Song is Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Nevada, USA. Dr Xiaobo Zhang is Research Fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), USA.

    ’The best and most up-to-date book on China's agricultural and rural development, a subject of utmost importance for China's economic development in the first two decades of the 21st century.’ Gregory C. Chow, Princeton University, USA ’...contains contributions by well-known authors in the field and offers a comprehensive insight into the prevailing trends and challenges in Chinese agriculture.’ European Review of Agricultural Economics 'The book is a selection of papers originally presented...at a conference of the Chinese Economists Society devoted to the problems of China's rural economy. Many well-known economists specializing on rural China attended the conference and the book reflects the quality of the authors.' The China Journal '...a rich addition to the literature on the growth and development of agriculture and rural economy in China. All the contributors follow an empirical approach and provide highly objective analysis of issues and concerns...Unique in the application of quantitative techniques to study various agricultural and rural issues and thus is of great value for the researchers engaged in empirical work.' Indian Journal Of Agricultural Economics '...a useful and up-to-date reference for those who are interested in the agricultural development in China.' Progress in Development Studies