1st Edition

China’s Aid, Trade and Investment to Africa Interaction and Coordination

By Wang Xinying Copyright 2023

    Adopting perspectives from development economics and international relations, this book researches the ongoing cooperation between China and African countries and the interactive system of China’s aid, trade and investment to and with Africa.

    In reviewing the history and development of China-Africa relations from the founding of the People’s Republic to the new century, this book analyses the achievements, opportunities and challenges of the bilateral relationship and reflects on the public-private partnership model in the context of international development assistance. Coupled with experiences from the United States, Japan and the EU in the field of foreign aid, trade and investment as well as case studies from China, the core chapters delve into China-Africa cooperation in terms of aid, trade and investment and proposes to build an interactive and coordinated mechanism of China’s aid, trade and investment in Africa. The author argues that China-Africa cooperation goes beyond reciprocal benefits, offering a possible model for South-South Cooperation and a potential model for balanced and sustainable development within the world economy.

    This book will appeal to researchers, students and policy makers interested in Chinese politics and foreign policy, African politics, international relations, international diplomacy and the world economy.

    1. Introduction 2. History Review of China-Africa Friendly Cooperation 3. Connotation of China-Africa Relations in the New Era 4. Achievements and Challenges of China-Africa Development Cooperation 5. China-Africa Trade and Investment Cooperation 6. Comparative Analysis of Interaction and Coordination of Aid, Trade and Investment 7. Case Analysis of Interaction and Coordination of China’s Aid, Trade and Investment to Africa 8. Construction of Interactive and Coordinated System of China’s Aid, Trade and Investment to Africa 9. Conclusion


    Wang Xinying is professor of international development cooperation at Dalian University of Technology, China. She specialises in the research of China’s foreign aid policy and global governance.