1st Edition

China's Climate Change Policies

    292 Pages 38 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    296 Pages 38 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    China is becoming a rising star in global economical and political affairs. Both internationally and within China itself, people have great expectations of its future role. This book aims to clarify many aspects of China’s key position in the climate change situation and policy debates. However, limited by its development stage, natural resource endowment, and other unbalanced developing issues, China is still a developing country. This book shows the reader the real China, which can provide more comprehensive solutions for future global climate regimes.

    This book includes research into China’s twelfth Five-Year-Plan; low-carbon city pilot schemes; policies and pathways for China’s nationally appropriate mitigation actions; China’s forestry management; China’s NGOs and climate change; the low-carbon 2010 Expo in Shanghai; carbon budget proposals; China’s green economy and green jobs; China’s reaction to carbon tariffs; China’s actions in approaching adaptation; China’s cumulative carbon emissions, and more. China’s Climate Change Policies brings together experienced experts with in-depth understanding of the scientific assessment of climate change and relevant social and economic policies, and senior experts who have participated directly in international climate negotiations. This will help the reader to better understand the 2011 Durban climate change conference, as well as China’s long-term strategy in response to climate change.

    GENERAL REPORT:The Future of Climate Regime--from a Chinese Perspective  Part 1: Chinese Response to Climate Change and Policy Actions  1. Performance Evaluation for Energy Conservation Targets in the 11th Five-Year Plan   2. Policies and Pathways for China's Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions Through 2020  3.Adaptation to Climate Change in China: Policy, Action and Progress   4.Policies and Actions to Promote Low Carbon Buildings  5.The Capacity of Forest Carbon Sequestration to Address Global Climate Change--Management of the Forestry Sector in China   6. NGOs and climate change  7.Low Carbon Expo and Urban Development  Part 2: Thematic Studies  8.Carbon Budget Proposal:A framework for an equitable and sustainable international climate regime  9. The Green Economy Potential and Green Jobs Opportunity in China  10. Is China Overly Concerned About Carbon Tariffs? 11.Towards a Low-Carbon Economy: International Experience and Development Trends  12.Evaluation Methodology of Low Carbon Economies and its Application in China  13. Adaptation Approaches to Climate Change in China: An Analytical Framework  14. Advances in Studies on Accumulative Carbon Emissions


    Weiguang Wang is Associate Secretary of the Party and Deputy President of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He is now a Professor and a Ph D tutor in CASS.

    Guoguang Zheng is Secretary of the Party and President of China Meteorological Administration, and is now a Researcher and a Ph.D tutor in CMA.

    Yong Luo is an Associate Director and Director concurrently, Researcher, and PhD tutor of Climate Change Centre, China Meteorological Administration, is also the Director of the Climate Change Research Laboratory, the Director of China Meteorological Research Institute of Climate Resources Committee, and the Executive Director of Beijing Meteorological Research Institute.

    Ying Chen is Director of Sustainable Development Office in the Institute of Urban and Environmental Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, is one of the Senior Researchers and Master Tutor of CASS.

    Hongbo Chen is an Associate Researcher of the Institute for Urban and Environmental Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and is majored in the field of Environmental Economics, Carbon Market and Energy Efficient Buildings.

    Jiahua Pan is currently director, Institute for Urban & Environmental Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), and professor of economics at CASS Graduate School.