1st Edition

China's Long March to Freedom Grassroots Modernization

Edited By Kate Zhou Copyright 2009
    391 Pages
    by Routledge

    392 Pages
    by Routledge

    China is more than a socialist market economy led by ever more reform-minded leaders. It is a country whose people seek liberty on a daily basis. Th eir success has been phenomenal, despite the fact that China continues to be governed by a single party. Clear distinctions between the people and the government are emerging, underlining the fact that true liberalization cannot be imposed from above.Although a large percentage of the Chinese people have been part of China's long march to freedom, farmers, entrepreneurs, migrants, Chinese gays, sex pleasure seekers, and black-marketers played a particularly important role in the beginning. Lawyers, scholars, journalists, and rights activists have jumped in more recently to ensure that liberalization continues. Social dissatisfaction with the government is now published in the media, addressed in public forums, and deliberated in courtrooms. Intellectuals devoted to improvement in human rights and continued liberalization are part of the process.This grassroots social revolution has also resulted from the explosion of information available to ordinary people (especially via the Internet) and far-reaching international influences. All have fundamentally altered key elements of the moral and material content of China's party-state regime and society at large. Th is social revolution is moving China towards a more liberal society despite its government. Th e Chinese government reacts, rather than leads, in this transformative process. Th is book is a landmark--a decade in the making.

    Foreword, Acknowledgements, Introduction, 1. The Right to Be Let Alone: The Grassroots Decollectivization Movement and Baochan Daohu, 2. Struggling to Move Freely, 3. The Chinese Entrepreneur: Challenging the Status Quo, 4. Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics and the Basis of Civil Society, 5. Information Wants to Be Free, 6. Sexual Revolution in China, 7. Global Trade, Foreign Influence, and the Effects of Globalization, Conclusion, Bibliography, Index


    Kate Zhou