1st Edition

China's New Imperialism Nature, Causes, and Rationalization

By Yu-Ping Chang Copyright 2023
    264 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    264 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book discusses the nature of China’s current international reassertion of itself and the thinking and attitudes which lie behind it. It argues that the Chinese leadership has a strongly held view of its own high moral authority, which emphasizes inclusion, equality and mutual benefits, and that this sense of morality underpins the driving forces for China’s foreign policies, rationalization of China’s overseas activities, the overall Chinese worldview, and China’s vision of a Chinese world order. It highlights how the country’s outward expansion has been characterized mainly by spreading influence through non-use of force and strategies of “co-operation” and “managed conflict” under the umbrella of “winning without fighting”. A set of Chinese geo-strategic reasoning that addresses how the possession of capabilities in land power and sea power will interact to produce favorable balance of power corresponds to the country’s pattern of overseas activities. The book approaches the subject empirically based on original research into both writings for policy-making purposes, which indicate realistic assessments of world politics and of China’s international capacity, and also narratives for public consumption, which have less emphasis on selfinterest and realpolitik. The book concludes that Beijing’s self-privileging high morality might have the unfortunate consequence of reinforcing its own behavior which defies international order and which others disapprove of, thereby increasing the likelihood of non-armed and armed conflicts.


    1. Continental History and China Search for Greatness

    2. Cultural Subjectivism

    3. Chinese Views of World Politics and A Projected Chinese World Order

    4. Reshaping the International Order--Measuring Assertiveness

    5. A Discussion of Strategies and Grand Strategy

    6. Active Defense: I Come for Peace and the World Is My Playground

    7. How Different is Chinese Hegemony?



    Yu-Ping Chang completed her doctorate in Security Studies Program at Kansas State University.