1st Edition

Chinas Unlimited Making the Imaginaries of China and Chineseness

By Gregory B. Lee Copyright 2002

    A socio-cultural study of the historical representation of China and Chineseness over the past hundred years or so, much of this book discusses the Orientalizing and crude racist ideologies that have formed the foundations of the way people in the west, both popularly and scientifically, have imagined China.

    1 Chinese Reveries, English Railings: Reimagining Twentieth-Century Histories 2 Addicted, Demented, and Taken to the Cleaners: The White Invention and Representation of the ‘Chinaman’ 3 Re-taking Tiger Mountain by Television: Televisual Socialization of the Contemporary Chinese Consumer 4 Paddy’s Chinatown, or The Harlequin’s Coat: A Short (Hi)story of a Liverpool Hybridit


    Gregory B. Lee

    'A fascinating sketch of representations of 'China' and 'Chineseness' from the nineteenth century to the present day. ' - Brushstrokes

    'In an age in which Chineseness is perhaps destined to become a more strictly articulated experience, [the author] has voiced a number of concerns that will even so deserve to be heard.' - Bulletin of SOAS