1st Edition

Chinese Entrepreneurship and Asian Business Networks

Edited By Solvay Gerke, Thomas Menkhoff Copyright 2002
    352 Pages
    by Routledge

    The degree to which the extensive business networks of ethnic Chinese in Asia succeed because of ethnic characteristics, or simply because of the sound application of good business practice, is a key question of great current concern to those interested in business, management and economic development in Asia. This book brings together a range of leading experts who present original new research findings and important new thinking on this vital subject.

    List of Tables List of Figures Contributors Introduction: Asia's Transformation and the Role of Ethnic Chinese Thomas Menkhoff and Solvay Gerke Coping with Change and Crisis - Chinese Business Under Siege? 1. Asia's Chinese Entrepreneurs between Myth-Making and Renewal Thomas Menkhoff and Douglas Sikorski 2. The Unfinished Agenda of the Overseas Chinese Linda Low Synergies between the Chinese Diaspora and Chinese Business Organizations in the People's Republic of China and Vietnam 3. A New Alliance for Profit: China's Local Industries and the Chinese Diaspora Noel Tracy and Constance Lever-Tracy 4. Chinese Entrepreneurship and Resilient National Development - How Overseas 'Web-based Chinese Management' Can Help to Grow China's Multiple Ownership Economy Kai-Alexander Schlevogt 5. The Role of Private Entrepreneurship in the People's Republic of China and Vietnam for Social and Political Change Thomas Herberer 6. Private Business and Socio-Economic Network Relations in the Chinese Community in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Jacob Lindahl and Lotte Thomsen Chinese Network Capitalism and Guanxi transactions Reconsidered 7. Chinese Business Development in Malaysia: Networks, Entrepreneurship or Patronage? Edmund Terence Gomez 8. Transnational Entrepreneurship and Chinese Business Networks: The Regionalization of Chinese Business Firms from Singapore Henry Wai-chung Yeung 9. Personalism and Paternalism in Chinese Business Tong Chee Kiong and Yong Pit Kee 10. Guanxi: Sentiment, Performance and the Trading of Words Yao Souchou 11. The Globalisation of Southeast Asia and Rooted Capitalism: Sino-Nusantara Symbiosis Wazir Jahan Karim 12. From a Niche to a World City: Barriers, Opportunities and Resources of Ethnic Chinese Businesses in Australia Constance Lever-Tracy, David Ip and Noel Tracy Towards a Comparative Perspective of Ethnic (Chinese) Entrepreneurship 13. Individualism and Collective Forms of Business Organization: Rural Capitalists in India, Malaysia and Indonesia Mario Rutten Looking Back and Forward Towards a Better Understanding of Chinese Capitalism and Asian Business Networks Thomas Menkhoff and Solvay Gerke


    Thomas Menkhoff is based at the Centre for Advanced Studies, National University of Singapore. Solvay Gerke is an academic at the University of Bonn, Germany.

    'Several of the contributions will be on next year's reading lists for my Chinese society and overseas Chinese classes.' - Flemming Christiansen, China Quarterly