Chinese Ideology  book cover
1st Edition

Chinese Ideology

Edited By

Shiping Hua

ISBN 9780367440008
Published August 17, 2021 by Routledge
266 Pages

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Book Description

This book traces ideological trends in China through a range of historical and comparative perspectives, spanning the ancient belief systems of Confucianism, Legalism, and Taoism to political ideologies of the present day.

Chapters in this edited volume are divided into four parts: traditional Chinese ideology, ideology of the Republic, Maoism as an ideology and post Mao ideology, zoning in on specific historical periods from the Qing and Republic periods to the reform era, as well as the period after the founding of the PRC – through which Mao Zedong’s political thought is notably discussed from the perspective of epistemology and the global impact of Maoism. Key topics include Sun Yat-sen as the Father of the Republic, Li Dazhao, the early Marxist theoretician, Chiang Kai-shek and his nationalist Fascism, Liang Qichao’s emotional appeals through liberal political discourse, Jiang Zemin’s theory of ‘Three Represents’ de-emphasising the Marxist concept of class, Hu Jintao’s theory of ‘Harmonious Society’ and Xi Jinping’s political thought. Contributions from world-leading scholars take both comparative and critical approaches, examining not only how studies of ideology are relevant, but how Chinese ideologies have retained their own characteristics distinct to the West. 

As the first comprehensive study of this subject in the English language, Chinese Ideology will appeal to students and scholars of philosophy, political science, history, and Asian studies more broadly.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Traditional Chinese Ideology

1. Introduction: Ideology, The Importance, and the Characteristics of Chinese Ideology.

Shiping Hua

2. Roots and Branches: Self-Cultivation as Political Transformation in Neo Confucian Thought

Leah Kalmanson, Drake University

3. Once Upon a Pandemic: Confucius, Rosemont, Marx, Deleuze and the Opportunity for a Confucian Ideology

David Jones, Kennesaw State University

4. The Daoist Contribution to Chinese Ideology: A Political Reading of Heshang Gong’s Daodejing

Thomas Michael, Beijing Normal University

5. Ideologies of Measurement in Early Imperial China.

Karen L. Turner, College of the Holy Cross & Harvard Law School.

Part 2: Ideology of the Republic

6. Sun Yat-sen and The San Min Chu I Lectures as Ideology

David J. Lorenzo, National Chengchi University, Taiwan

7. Li Dazhao and China’s Embracement of Marxism.

Patrick Shan, Grand Valley State University

8. Fascism with Chinese Characteristics: Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalist Vision in the 1930s and Implications for U.S.-PRC Rivalry Today

Dean Chen, Ramapo College of New Jersey

9. Liang Qichao and Affective Nationalism

Jean Tsui, City University of New York

Part 3: Maoism as An Ideology

10. The Living Soul of Mao Zedong Thought

Aminda Smith, Michigan State University

11. Global Maoism.

Fabio Lanza, University of Arizona

Part 4: Post Mao Ideology

12. Assessing the Era of Jiang Zemin

Yiu-chung Wong, Lingnan University, Hong Kong

13. Ideology-Building under Hu Jintao: Reacting to Jiang and Paving the Way for Xi

Cheng Chen, University at Albany

14. Some Reflections on the Functions of Xi Jinping’s Thought

Peter Moody, Notre Dam University

15. A Reversal of the Reform? China’s Fifth Constitutional Amendment

Shiping Hua, The University of Louisville

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Shiping Hua is Calvin & Helen Lang Distinguished Chair in Asian Studies, Director of Asian Studies Program and Professor of Political Science at the University of Louisville, the United States of America. He is the author of Chinese Legal Culture and Constitutional Order (2019), Chinese Utopianism: A Comparative Study of Reformist Thought with Japan and Russia (2009), Scientism and Humanism: Two Cultures in Post-Mao China (1997). He edits three book series: "Asia in the New Millennium,", "Comparative Politics in Asia," and "Contemporary World Classics: Political Science Series (translations)".