1st Edition

Chinese Local History
Stone Inscriptions From Fukien In The Sung To Ch'ing Periods

ISBN 9780367161248
Published May 31, 2021 by Routledge
204 Pages

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Book Description

This book presents texts of stone inscriptions that reflect some aspects of Fukienese history, including the creation of irrigated farmland, improvement of communications, overseas trade and migration, strong clan ties, religious activities, government taxation, military affairs and civil unrest.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1. Stone record of the pacification of the pirates 2. Stone record of the safeguarding of Kuan-ling in the 15th district of Chang-p'u County 3. Stone record on the reconstruction of the Chao family fortified village in Chang-p'u 4. Stone record of the building by the generous Elder Mr. Huang of the family temple in Chih-an village, Hu-hsi. Chin-pu and of the free schools, sacrificial fields, school fields and welfare fields 5. Stone record of the Clear and Benevolent Temple in An-hai 6. Stone tablet of the happy rains of Sub-Prefect Luo I-wo 7. Stone tablet of the repairs of the polders and dikes by County Magistrate Mr. Ching-suo T'an 8. Stone tablet of the water conservancy of dredging the Kuan-ho River 9. Stone record of benefits received by the seashore 10. Stone tablet of the repairs of the water conservancy of the Land Outside the South Gate and Mud Gate 11. Stone record of virtue and love in T'ai-ning 12. Stone tablet of the decision to forbid Lung-hsi County establishing new brokerages 13. Stone tablet of the duck permit in Hsi-ch'en. Lung-yen 14. Stone tablet of the clearance of the beggar's place in Shih-ma and the decision to turn it into public land 15. Stone text of the proclamation against ruffians and beggars in Hsia-lung village 16. Stone text of the prohibition to beg in Ta-t'ieh-k'eng 17. Stone tablet prohibiting violent strife in Hung-tu township 18. Stone tablet of the Imperial Temple of Jade Purity in the Divine Empyrean in P'u-t'ien 19. Stone tablet of the miracles performed by T'ien Fei in Ch'anglo 20. Stone record of the reconstruction of the Clear and Pure Temple 21. Stone record of the graves in Ch'iian-chou 22. Stone tablet of the repairs of the K'ai-yiian Temple 23. Stone record of the restoration of the Dragon Hill Temple in An-p'ing town 24. Record of the Wan-an Bridge 25. Stone record of the Eastern Bridge 26. Stone record of the An-p'ing Bridge in Shih-ching township 27. Stone record of the repairs of Tung-kuan Bridge 28. Stone record of the building of the wall of Nan(-an) by Magistrate Tsu 29. Stone record of the new construction of the customs office at Han-chiang 30. Stone record of the purchase of the Yiian-ch'i Shrine fields 31. First border stone of the main lineage family temple in the fortified village Bequeathed Peace 32. Second border stone of the main lineage family temple in the fortified village Bequeathed Peace 33. Inscription on the tomb stone of Mr. Tseng, Prefect On Probation

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