1st Edition

Chinese Outbound Tourist Behaviour An International Perspective

Edited By Jun Wen, Metin Kozak Copyright 2022
    280 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Assuming an international perspective, Chinese Tourist Outbound Behaviour presents an insightful exploration of the evolution of China’s tourism market, explores Chinese tourists’ behaviour, and considers how the country’s tourism landscape will expand in the future.

    Featuring 16 chapters compiled and written by industry experts representing 11 countries, this collection offers a vivid profile of Chinese tourists and the characteristics distinguishing them from other market segments. This book coincides with the growing interest in Chinese tourism and tourist behaviour as the top market in the world in terms of tourism spending and arrival numbers, presenting an overview of Chinese tourist segments and travel-related concerns to paint a clear picture of the market’s status. Chapters address the future of Chinese tourism, providing industry stakeholders an up-to-date view on this valuable market along with suggestions to best harness the market’s power.

    Providing an up-to-date exploration of numerous contemporary issues, this book will be valuable to a wide audience, including advanced students in tourism, hospitality and leisure and recreation studies and stakeholders, authorities, establishments and employees within the tourism industry. This book offers readers greater knowledge about the past, present and future of the Chinese outbound tourism market.

    1. Chinese Outbound Tourist Behaviour: An Introduction

    Jun Wen and Metin Kozak

    2. History, Development and Politics of China’s Outbound Tourism

    Matias Thuen Jørgensen and Anders Ellemann Kristensen

    3. From Then to Now: A Brief History of China’s Outbound Tourism Market

    Vorakarn Chalermchaikit and Yixuan Cheng

    4. Development of China’s Outbound Tourism Market: A Brief History From Then to Now

    Shuaibu Chiroma Hassan and Ibrahim Sani

    5. Development of China’s Outbound Tourism: New Trends and Travel Patterns

    Diego Quer and Jianrong Peng

    6. China’s Long-Haul Travel Experiences: The Development of Chinese Tourism in Italy

    Lala Hu, Mirko Olivieri and Jun Wen

    7. Experience Economy in Wellness Tourism to Attract Chinese Outbound Tourists

    Yedan Fan, Salmi Mohd Isa and Shaohua Yang

    8. Challenges of Targeting the Chinese Outbound Market: A Case Study of Fiji

    Sera Vada and Noel Scott

    9. Identifying the Key Factors Influencing Service Quality Among Chinese GTPs in New Zealand

    Shaohua Yang, Salmi Mohd Isa and Yedan Fan

    10. Chinese Tourists’ Behavior on Package Tours in Turkey

    Vedat Acar

    11. Destination Food Image: A Systematic Literature Review to Assess Future Perspectives

    Fangli Hu and Han Shen

    12. Local Perceptions and Behavior of Chinese Tourists at the Tulip Fields in the Netherlands

    Xiaodan Zhao and Nitasha Sharma

    13. The Future of Chinese Outbound Tourism: An Australian Perspective

    Clare Lade and Elspeth Frew

    14. The Shopping Behaviour of Chinese Outbound Tourists

    Lina Zhong, Liyu Yang and Alastair M. Morrison

    15.Who are Chinese Luxury Travelers?

    Elaine Yulan Zhang and Tony S. M. Tse

    16. Effects of COVID-19 Knowledge on Chinese tourists’ Intentions for Medical Purposes

    Foad Irani, Sina Vahedi and Sima Rahimizhian

    17. Chinese Outbound Tourism in the Post-SARS-CoV-2 era

    Wolfgang Georg Arlt




    Jun Wen is a lecturer in Tourism and Service Marketing at the School of Business and Law, Edith Cowan University (ECU), Australia. Jun is an award-winning early career researcher. He was named among the Top 40 of Australia’s early achievers (Rising Stars) in 2020 and 2021.

    Metin Kozak holds Ph.D. degree from Sheffield Hallam University, UK. He is elected as the Fellow of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism, and Tourist Research Centre. His research interests entail marketing and consumer behavior. His current affiliation is with Kadir Has University, Turkey and he is the co-editor of the journal Anatolia.

    "Layer after layer, this edited book unfolds outbound Chinese tourism experiences in various countries. By doing so, it provides informed insights on how to attract, accommodate, and serve this burgeoning market."

    Jafar Jafari, University of Wisconsin-Stout, USA.

    "This book maps the evolution of Chinese outbound travel. It is an excellent resource for individuals interested in tourism and hospitality, including domain experts, researchers, and students. Industry stakeholders and general readers alike will appreciate this easy-to-digest overview of a globally promising tourist segment."

    Dingbin Long, Consul General of The People’s Republic of China in Perth, Australia. 

    "Given the dynamic and ever-expanding nature of the Chinese market, there is heightened interest in further understanding the structure and changing characteristics of such an important global force. This is a timely and comprehensively crafted book to touch not only on the inner layers of outbound travel behavior, but also shed light on the emerging trends of Chinese tourists. It is a must have book for researchers and practitioners."

    Muzaffer Uysal, University of Massachusetts –Amherst, USA.

    "This book is a must read for anyone with an interest in the outbound tourist market from China. Much of what is reported about this market is purely numerical; so, this text provides the much needed greater depth about Chinese tourist behavior abroad. Scholars and practitioners will find the contents on market segmentation to be particularly enlightening and useful."

    Alastair M. Morrison, University of Greenwich, UK.

    "This book provides a holistic picture of the Chinese outbound tourism in the past, present, and future. It is a highly desirable resource for tourism and hospitality scholars, students, and industry practitioners worldwide to better understand Chinese outbound tourism and tourists’ behavior and experiences." 

    Fang Meng, University of South Carolina, USA.

    "This book provides a superb overview of the emerging Chinese outbound tourism industry. The editors’ intimate understanding of the market is showcased through their exposition of the history of the Chinese tourism market, followed by clear and well thought out insights into emerging trends and factors which influence consumer behavior within the tourism market. On all accounts, I highly recommend this book."

    Ian Phau, Curtin University, Australia.

    "By introducing cutting edge research, this book offers a meticulous overview of the Chinese outbound tourism market development and tourist behaviors. The editors provide a pragmatic and analytical look at this large tourism source country in the world, which is a useful reference book for practitioners and researchers."

    Danni Zheng, Fudan University, China.