1st Edition

Chinese Politics and Society An Introduction

By Flemming Christiansen, Shirin Rai Copyright 1996

    An introduction to Chinese Politics which provides an accessible overview of the structures and dynamics of Chinese politics today. Concentrating on the era since 1949, the text takes a look at politics in the widest sense, analysing political institutions within the crucial broader context of Chinese history and the pressures of social, economic and cultural changes.

    1. Introduction: China in Context
    2. Approaches to the Study of Chinese Politics
    3. The Making of the Chinese Revolution: A Brief History
    4. Problems of Transition
    5. The Chinese State and Political Institutions
    6. Political Mobilisation and Participation
    7. The Chinese Economy I: Growth to Stagnation
    8. The Chinese Economy II: Stagnation to Growth
    9. China and the World
    10. The Civil-Military Relations
    11. Education, Art and Culture
    12. Ethnicity, Nation and the Party-State
    13. Environment and Demography
    14. Perspectives for the Future


    Flemming Christiansen, Shirin M. Rai