1st Edition

Chiropractic Radiography and Quality Assurance Handbook

By Russell Wilson Copyright 1999

    Chiropractic Radiography and Quality Assurance Handbook is the first book devoted to erect and recumbent radiographic positioning and a practical approach to quality assurance and radiographic quality control testing. It provides a step-by-step approach to performing quality radiographic studies using radiographic images to demonstrate placement of anatomical markers and the safest location for patient identification information.
    Some topics covered include:
    o The importance of sound radiation safety practices and appropriate protection and collimation
    o Spinal radiography including changes in positioning to reduce exposure to female patients
    o Extremity radiography, covering common and specialty views to assist in diagnosis of sports injuries.
    Designed for both the practitioner and the student, this book provides all of the tools necessary to produce quality radiographs in a quick reference, detailed, step-by-step approach to positioning. And adding information about darkroom and film storage, film processing quality control, film artifact identification and problem solving, makes this is an in-depth, authoritative guide.

    Basic Radiography Concept and Principles
    Radiation Safety in Chiropractic Radiography
    Developing a System or the Proper Sequence for Taking Films
    Cervical Spine Radiography Introduction
    Thoracic Spine and Basic Chest Radiography
    Bony Thorax Radiography
    A-P Full Spine and Lumbopelvic Views
    Sacrum and Coccyx
    Abdominal and Chest Decubitus Views
    Basic Skull and Facial Radiography
    Introduction to Extremity Radiography
    Hand and Wrist Radiography
    Forearm, Elbow and Humerus Radiography
    Shoulder, Scapula and Clavicle Radiography
    Pelvis, Hips and Femur
    Knee and Patella Radiography
    Lower Leg, Ankle and Calcaneus
    Foot and Toes
    Introduction to Quality Assurance and Radiographic Quality Control
    Darkroom and Film Storage Quality Control
    Radiographic Quality Control Testing
    Accessory Quality Control Testing
    Film Artifact Identification and Problem Solving
    Common Radiography Terms
    Common Film Markings
    California Department of Radiologic Health Standards of Good Practice for General Radiographic Quality Assurance and Quality Control


    Russell L. Wilson