1st Edition

Chitosan-Based Hydrogels Functions and Applications

Edited By Kangde Yao, Junjie Li, Fanglian Yao, Yuji Yin Copyright 2012
    521 Pages 241 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    522 Pages 241 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Due to their unique properties, chitosan-based materials have emerged as useful resources in a variety of medicines, drug controlled-release carriers, tissue engineering scaffolds, and immobilized enzymes. But many of these materials have yet to reach the commercial market. Therefore, more work must be completed to fill the gap between research and production.

    Exploring the state of the field, Chitosan-Based Hydrogels: Functions and Applications details the latest progress in the research and development of chitosan-based biomaterials. The book introduces the formation and chemical structure of chitosan-based hydrogels. It also discusses the relationship between their structure and functions, which provides a theoretical basis for the design of biomaterials. In addition, many real-world examples illustrate the potential application of chitosan-based hydrogels in various areas, including materials science, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine, and cell engineering.

    By examining the structure and functions of chitosan-based hydrogels in living systems, this book provides the foundation for future research. It encourages readers to contribute to further research and development of these unique biomaterials.

    From Chitin to Chitosan, Dayong Teng

    Chitosan Derivatives, Junjie Li, Liandong Deng, and Fanglian Yao

    Bioactivities of Chitosan and Its Derivatives, Aiping Zhu and Jian Shen

    Formation of Chitosan-Based Hydrogels Network, Yuji Yin and Junjie Li

    Environment–Stimuli Response of Chitosan-Based Hydrogels, Junjie Li and Fanglian Yao

    Chitosan-Based Gels for the Drug Delivery System, Jin Zhao

    Application of Chitosan-Based Gels in Pharmaceuticals, Yuliang Xiao, Jiangfeng Zhu, and Lianyin Zheng

    Enzyme Immobilization on Chitosan-Based Supports, Kang Wang

    Application of Chitosan-Based Biomaterials in Tissue Engineering, Changyong Wang, Junjie Li, and Fanglian Yao

    Future, Dunwan Zhu, Xigang Leng, and Kangde Yao



    Kangde Yao is the research director of the Research Institute of Polymeric Materials at Tianjin University.

    Junjie Li is an assistant professor in the Tissue Engineering Research Center at the Academy of Military Medical Sciences in Beijing, and in the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology at Tianjin University.

    Fanglian Yao is a professor of polymer science and engineering in the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology at Tianjin University.

    Yuji Yin is an associate professor of materials science in the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Tianjin University.