1st Edition

Cholesterol-Lowering Therapy Evaluation of Clinical Trial Evidence

Edited By Scott M. Grundy Copyright 1999
    352 Pages
    by CRC Press

    348 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Reveals important new results from clinical trials conducted in Scandinavia, Scotland, Australia, Canada, and the United States.
    This timely reference reviews the vast body of clinical trial evidence supporting the once controversial view that high levels of serum cholesterol are a major risk factor in coronary heart disease (CHD). The studies presented in Cholesterol-Lowering Therapy: Evaluation of Clinical Trial Evidence promote cholesterol reduction as a highly successful means of preventing heart disease in various populations.
    Investigates past, current, and upcoming controlled clinical trials of cholesterol-reduction therapies, comparing effects of statins and bile acid sequestrants to triglyceride-lowering drugs and antioxidants.
    Written by more than 25 distinguished international researchers, Cholesterol-Lowering Therapy: Evaluation of Clinical Trial Evidence

  • highlights historical studies of dietary trials designed to reduce CHD
  • covers tests of HMG CoA reductase inhibitors for patients with and without CHD
  • illuminates CHD risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and smoking
  • explores blood levels of homocysteine and lipoprotein(a) and other recently identified CHD risk factors
  • reviews metabolism of lipoproteins expressed in high (HDL) and low (LDL) density lipoprotein cholesterol
  • and more!
    Containing over 700 instructive tables, drawings, photographs, and bibliographic citations, Cholesterol-Lowering Therapy: Evaluation of Clinical Trial Evidence is a must-read resource for cardiologists, pharmacologists, and upper-level undergraduate, graduate, and medical school students in these disciplines.
  • Cholesterol-Lowering Clinical Trials: A Historical Perspective
    Scott M. Grundy
    Scandinavian Simvastatin Survival Study (4S)
    Terje R. Pedersen
    The Cholesterol and Recurrent Events Trial (CARE): The Effect of Pravastatin on Coronary Events After Myocardial Infarction in Patients with Average Cholesterol Levels
    Frank M. Sacks, Marc A. Pfeffer, Lemuel A. Moyé, C. Morton Hawkins, Barry R. Davis, Jean L. Rouleau, Thomas G. Cole, and Eugene Braunwald
    Lessons from the West of Scotland Coronary Prevention Study (WOSCOPS)
    James Shepherd and Allan Gaw
    Program on the Surgical Control of the Hyperlipidemias (POSCH) Trial: A Pivotal 25-Year Study
    Henry Buchwald
    The Air Force/Texas Atherosclerosis Prevention Study (AFCAPS/TexCAPS): Primary Prevention of Acute Major Coronary Events in Women and Men with Average Cholesterol
    Stephen Weis, Michael Clearfield, Lt. Col. John R. Downs, and Antonio M. Gotto, Jr.
    Long-Term Intervention with Pravastatin in Ischemic Disease (LIPID) Study: Clinical Implications for Cardiovascular Practice
    Andrew M. Tonkin and David Hunt
    Angiographic Results of Lipid-Lowering Trials: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
    Cheryl L. Holmes, Michael Schulzer, and G. B. John Mancini
    Biochemical Correlates of Plaque Progression and Coronary Events
    Melissa Ferraro-Borgida and David Waters
    Lipid Therapy to Stabilize the Vulnerable Atherosclerotic Plaque: New Insights into the Prevention of Cardiovascular Events
    B. Greg Brown and Xue-Qiao Zhao
    Cholesterol-Lowering Trials with Carotid Ultrasonographic Outcomes
    Robert P. Byington
    Cholesterol Lowering Reduces Mortality: The Statins
    David J. Gordon


    Scott M. Grundy