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Christian Theology: The Classics

ISBN 9780415501873
Published March 18, 2014 by Routledge
292 Pages

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Book Description

Christian Theology: The Classics is a vibrant introduction to the most important works of theology in the history of Christian thought. Exploring writings from the origins of Christianity to the present day, it examines some of the most influential theologians of all time, considering the context in which they were writing and the lasting significance of their work.  Covering thirty-one theological classics such as:

• Augustine of Hippo, On the Trinity

• Martin Luther, Commentary on Galatians

• John Calvin, The Institutes of The Christian Religion

• Jonathan Edwards, Religious Affections

• St Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae

With a glossary and outlines of the key criticisms of each text, this book is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in Theology and the history of Christian thought.

Table of Contents

Introduction  1. Irenaeus of Lyons Against the Heresies  2. Augustine of Hippo On the Trinity  3. Basil of Caesarea On the Holy Spirit  4. Athanasius On the Incarnation  5. Origen On First Principles  6. The Acts of the Councils (including: the ecumenical creeds; Cyril’s letters; Leo’s Tome)  7. Anselm The Reason for the God-Man  8. St Thomas Summa Theologiae  9. Mother Julian Revelations of Divine Love  10. Martin Luther Commentary on Galatians   11. John Calvin The Institutes of The Christian Religion   12. The Anglican Formularies: The Book of Common Prayer; the 39 Articles; the Homilies   13. The Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent   14. The Westminster standards: The Westminster Confession; The Shorter Catechism; The Longer Catechism; The Book of Common Order  15. Jonathan Edwards, Religious Affections  16. John Wesley, Christian Perfection (including the Plain Account, and Brief Thoughts)  17. Friedrich Schleiermacher The Christian Faith  18. Adolf von Harnack What is Christianity?  19. John Henry Newman, Essay on the development of doctrine  20. Ludwig Feuerbach, Essence of Christianity  21. Søren Kierkegaard, Philosophical Fragments  22. B.B. Warfield, writings on inspiration  23. Karl Barth, The Church Dogmatics  24. Rudolf Bultmann New Testament and Mythology  25. Karl Rahner, The Trinity  26. The Constitutions and Decrees of the Second Vatican Council  27. George Lindbeck, The Nature of Doctrine  28. Alvin Plantinga, the ‘Warrant’ triology  29. Gustavo Gutierez, Theology of Liberation  30. Rosemary Radford Ruether, Sexism and God-talk

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Stephen R. Holmes is senior lecturer in theology, director of teaching, and deputy head of school at the School of Divinity, University of St Andrews. He has written extensively on historical theology, treating patristic, Reformation, early modern, and contemporary theology.

Shawn Bawulski is an assistant professor of theology at LCC International University in Klaipeda, Lithuania. His research interests include various topics in eschatology and philosophical theology.